New York Times Whitewashes SBF’s Ponzi Scheme

The FTX cryptocurrency exchange apps on a smartphone screen, which is lying on bitcoin coins. The concept of FTX bankruptcy and collapse. Krasnodar, Russia November 14, 2022

The New York Times managed to get what is right now the hottest interview in the world: Sam Bankman-Fried, the embattled tech tycoon whose financial empire came crashing down last week amid allegations of fraud, misuse of customer funds, and widespread incompetence and treachery.

Yet, after getting the man at the center of one of the greatest financial scandals in history on the phone, the New York Times reporter wrote story that made him seem like a down-on-his-luck entrepreneur who, through no fault of his own, had stumbled on hard times. It’s an embarrassing story to have written, but sadly par for the course for the Gray Lady.

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Compare SBF’s treatment to how the media treated Bernie Madoff after his ponzi scheme came undone.

The story 2000+ word story spends more time on Bankman-Fried’s sex life and video game habit than his vast political operation. The story never once mentions that he’s a Democrat, that his parents are big time Democrats, and that he’s given roughly $50 billion to Democratic politicians and political committees over the last two years. Left-wing hack journalism at its finest.

For a longer explanation of FTX’s collapse, SBF’s political spending, and some of the conspiratorial intrigue swirling around the story, click here.


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