Author: Jeff Timberlake

Senator Jeff Timberlake, the Assistant Senate Republican Leader, is currently serving his first term in the Maine State Senate. He represents the people of Senate District 22, which consists of Litchfield, Wayne, Durham, Greene, Leeds, Lisbon, Sabattus, Turner and Wales.

They say elections have consequences, and in the case of the minimum wage law that passed by referendum in 2016, the unintended consequences are harming our most vulnerable citizens. A few weeks ago, the minimum wage increased for the third time in three years as part of the sweeping minimum-wage referendum that passed in 2016. As predicted, certain sectors of the economy are struggling to keep up with the rapid wage inflation, and those who are most impacted are our elderly, those living on fixed incomes and rural Mainers. In my own community, a beloved breakfast establishment, On the Way…

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