J. Scott Moody To Lead The Maine Heritage Policy Center


Economist Named CEO of Portland-based Think Tank

The Maine Heritage Policy Center announced today that J. Scott Moody has been named chief executive officer of MHPC. Moody, currently MHPC’s chief economist, will be moving to Maine from his home in northern New Hampshire.

In making the announcement, MHPC Chairman Peter Anania said, “We are delighted to have Scott, who has a strong policy background, to lead our organization. Scott has directed our studies in tax and regulatory policy for six years, and he has excelled in that role. MHPC’s board, our staff and our many supporters across the state look forward to working with him to advance our common interests in free markets and a free society.”

Moody will replace Lance Dutson, who has resigned from MHPC to take a position in Charlie Summers’ campaign for U.S. Senate. Anania said of Dutson: “We thank Lance for his hard work in MHPC’s behalf. We understand his passion for elective politics, and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

MHPC, a nonprofit and nonpartisan policy institute, is an influential voice for fiscal discipline and limited government across the state of Maine. MHPC conducts policy research, convenes citizen conferences, publishes the Internet news service The Maine Wire and promotes public policy in support of a free and prosperous Maine.


  1. I don’t think the MHPC  was much of ” an influential voice” in Maine before the election of Gov. Page, but hopefully it will be…

  2. Firstly, to “Cgd,” perhaps this was just a typo on your part – hopefully not misinformation – our governor’s name is Gov. LePage, not Page. 

    Secondly, MHPC has been a godsend to the people of Maine since its inception. My personal hope is that Mr. Dutson will be a sparkplug to Charlie Summers’ campaign. He needs it badly. Angus King has hit the road at full speed, compiling a coalition of many leaders and former leaders – including some republicans. We need to hit Angus mostly on the economic front, since he has made millions over the years on the backs of taxpayers, and Charlie needs some good coaching there. Mr. Dutson is a power player. Go get ’em!


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