Maine Wire cartoon: The Lamest Generation


Cartoon courtesy of NetRigthDaily.


  1. Let’s see. Romney dodged the draft – then didn’t have the leadership skills necessary to get any of his five sons to an Armed Forces Recruiting Office after we were attacked on 9/11.

    And the Republicans thought he was Presidential material? ROTFLMFAO!

  2. That is the problem when the “GOP” insists that we have to stomach another moderate. I am sick of having to pick the lessor of two evils. If the “GOP” would pick a genuine CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE I and a whole host of others would vote for him or her. If the “GOP” wants to keep up with the Demo-rats, that’s up to them, but if they want to continue to do that then I am with Herman Cain, in the idea that we need a new third Party that will BE CONSERVATIVE, and not act conservative or say their are conservative. They must PROVE that they ARE CONSERVATIVE. Maybe the “GOP” has forgotten what it actually means to be a Conservative………. I just don’t know anymore……………

  3. Republicans are the 3rd party. Democrats are the 2nd party. The term ‘3rd party’ has a long stigmatized history. Let’s use ‘New Party’ or ‘First Party’ to refer to the 48% of America that now rejects these has been corrupt monopolizers of our government……105.6 MILLION people did not vote for either puppet to the 60 million for the D puppet and 57 million for the R puppet. My math says 105.6>60 and 105.6>57. What say you?

  4. It will be greater than 50% next time. A state or federal constitutional amendment is needed to throw out these crap party candidates if they can’t muster a simple majority of American support and or introduce a third choice for a run-off if they can’t muster 67% of American support.


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