Maine Wire cartoon: Obama's Spotless Record


(Cartoon courtesy of NetRightDaily)


  1. Glen Hutchins – Did Clinton run around like Romney, claiming he was going to build up our Military so that it was ‘Second to None?’

    No..o..o..o… Somehow it’s always the ‘Republicans’ who are the ‘Warmongers’ Glen, and the last to serve. Where were Romney’s five sons since we were attacked on 9/11?? Not a single one of them joined up. What a bunch of unmitigated pussies!!!

  2. Wrong again wizard of smart. You’re drivel is what inspires opposition. When the “takers” outnumber the “givers”, as they seem to have done, then I predict civil unrest as it dawns on the “takers” that things ain’t gettin any better.

  3. Jerry Bono – Tell us what you ‘Gave’ Jerry? Did you sign that paper for Uncle Sam where you would give your life? How many years of service in what stinking hell holes??

  4. I served my country and as for the details all I have to say is NONEYOU which loosely translated, for tiny brained folks, means “NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUISNESS”. What have you GIVEN Ronni besides lip service to all comers?


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