12 Days of Obamacare Surprises: Deficit Reduction?


Cartoon.Believing in ObamaNot all surprises are good. When it comes to Obamacare, the original projections are turning into unfortunately different realities. For the next two days, Heritage is going to highlight one of the various changes in Obamacare projections (e.g., cost, enrollment, etc.) from when the law first passed until now.

Obamacare was passed into law under the guise that it would expand access to health coverage while simultaneously reducing the federal deficit.

In 2010, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that Obamacare would result in deficit reduction totaling $143 billion from 2010–2019.

In 2012, the CBO estimated that Obamacare would result in deficit reduction totaling only $109 billion from 2013–2022, $34 billion less than in 2010. Among other updates, this is due to the rising costs of subsidies in the exchanges.

Surprise: The CBO lowered its deficit reduction projection by 24 percent, revealing that Obamacare will cost the American public far more than anticipated. Turns out, the best things don’t come in big, Obamacare-sized packages.

12 Days of Obamacare Surprises:

10. Unelected bureaucrats on IPAB…

9. Increased employer penalties…

8. More cuts to Medicare…

7. Loss of employer-sponsored insurance

6. A 50/50 split on enrollment estimates

5. More uninsured Americans

4. Increased exchange subsidies

3. Big tax increases

2. The small business tax credit

1. And the individual mandate.


  1. The mental health community which almost entirely votes Democratic; and has a clientele of 50+ people, is getting hit with a double ObamaWhammy….the Medicare benefits are being reduced; and the reimbursements to providers are also being reduced to ‘save money’.

    The kicker is that when you transfer the remainder of your bill over to a third party insurer, you can’t get more than Medicare pays for. Swell.


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