Truth in Packaging: Maine Democrats Don Clown Noses at Public Hearing



AUGUSTA – While many Mainers have long believed the Maine Democratic Party is comprised of fools, two Democratic State Senators proved as much on Wednesday by donning clown noses during a public hearing of the Health and Human Services Committee.

Sens. Colleen Lachowicz (D-Waterville) and Margaret M. Craven (D-Lewiston) performed their asinine act as several Maine citizens — many who waited more than six hours to do so — testified on a bill concerning availability of beds for low-income Mainers in nursing homes.

lachowicz wow
When she is not clowning around Augusta, Lachowicz enjoys pwning n00bs as a level 68 Orc Assasin Rogue named “Santiaga” — her World of Warcraft alter ego.

“It’s one thing not to agree on issues,” said Maine GOP Chairman Richard M. Cebra. “It’s entirely another to mock the citizens who come before the DHHS committee and the trust placed in you by the voters of your district.”

Republican members on the Committee were concerned at Lachowicz and Craven’s outrageous performance.

“I was shocked at the behavior of these two Democratic Senators,” said Sen. James M. Hamper (R-Oxford). “It was beyond the pale to watch the trust of the Maine people and the process being so disrespected,” he said. “The people of Maine deserve better.”

Rep. Deborah J. Sanderson (R-Chelsea) was stunned that her Democratic colleagues engaged in such foolishness during a hearing of vital importance to Maine’s elderly.

Unless bedhold days are reinstated, seniors on Mainecare are at risk of losing, what for many, is their home.

The welfare of our seniors is a topic we all agree is important,” said Sanderson. “It was disheartening to see these Senators clowning around during a public committee hearing instead of being respectful of the public testifying on such an important issue.”

“Advocates and members of the public had been waiting patiently for six hours to offer testimony to support reinstating bedhold days to nursing homes.”

According to State House sources, Rep. Katherine M. Cassidy (D-Lubec) snapped a picture of her colleagues as they made fools of themselves. Cassidy did not immediately respond to a Freedom of Access Act request for the picture she took while tending to the people’s business.

Neither Craven nor Lachowicz responded to calls seeking comment.

According to the Lewiston-based Sun Journal newspaper, Craven has apologized her acting like a fool during the hearing.

Santiaga has yet to do so.

S.E. Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter


  1. Perhaps for your less astute readers you should note that the photos at the top have been doctored. This is perhaps the best example yet that the MaineWire is not actually a “news”paper.

  2. So I guess that means you are OK with these two making complete jacka$$es of themselves to the public? That makes them “good” representatives of “we the people”? These two are a disgrace to their positions!

  3. The behavior of Sens. Colleen Lachowicz (D-Waterville) and Margaret M. Craven (D-Lewiston) is inexcusable and their timing poor. Robinson’s coverage of the event with photo-shopped noses and the Orc caricature is immature. He had something to work with, but instead took the low road.

  4. I look forward to reading Robinson’s next post about how the previous chair of HHS Committee, Republican Meredith Strang Burgess, would often don 12 inch long bunny ears as a way to break up a tense atmosphere.

    Not that I expect Robinson to ask around to find out if the above is true – his aim is not reporting the truth, but only smears that will make Democrats look bad – even if he needs to manufacture “facts.”

  5. Dear Senator:
    I urge you to make a public apology to your constituency for your actions at a public hearing showing such disrespect for the People who employ you, and for whom you supposedly “work”. Your Oath does state that you “will faithfully discharge, to the best of my abilities, the duties incumbent upon me….” Is that what you have done by ridiculing those People for whom you supposedly work?

    I believe this shows your true colors to act in this manner, and you should step down – resign – from your position of Public Trust for a failure to uphold your Oath.

  6. Very, very appalled, disheartened and disappointed in the behavior of these two women. Colleen… is or was a psychologist and should know better than to mock. Ridiculous! Hopefully, this sends a message to her constituents that she is not serious about representing them. Hopefully she will learn to be more respectful of the seat she holds in State government… hopefully

  7. The question I have…were they mocking the citizens who were testifying or just trying to add some levity? The answer makes all the difference between being mean spirited or just lacking judgement.

  8. I’m Bored. Me too. lets look like the Clowns that we have all become. at least we’ll get a laugh… whoops! Didn’t think that through…(Just like the legislation put in front of them). THEY THANK THEIR GODS THAT PARTY/GANG “LEADERSHIP” TELLS THEM HOW TO VOTE! THEY CAN FAKE THEIR WAY THROUGH EVERYTHING ELSE….


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