VIDEO: Maine's Media Ignore Economic Freedom Rally

Media Absent at AFP Rally
Only The Maine Wire and the taxpayer-funded Maine Public Broadcasting Network thought a State House rally in support of economic freedom was newsworthy.

AUGUSTA – Maine taxpayers rallied at the State House on Tuesday in support of economic freedom.

Despite multiple advanced notices, Maine’s traditional media outlets decided the event was unworthy of coverage.

Only taxpayer-funded Maine Public Broadcasting Network attended the rally, which featured speakers from Americans for Prosperity, The Maine Heritage Policy Center and Maine Taxpayers United.

Watch a video of the rally below:

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  1. Want the ‘News’ the Conservative Media won’t tell you?

    How many people actually attended the rally – watched and heard these speakers from the same viewpoint as the person who videotaped it? That person should have panned a 360′ so we viewers would have had an accurate idea – but the ‘crowd’ looked sparse.


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