Dem Rep: Truckers "Don't Have A Lot of Brains In Their Heads"

maine lumber truck
Are Maine truck drivers brainless? One Democratic official thinks so.

An Auburn Democrat is taking fire after the Maine Republican Party obtained an email rant he sent to various public officials.

In the typo-ridden, profanity-laced email, Rep. Brian D. Bolduc (D-Auburn) belligerently ridicules truck drivers whom he believes are irresponsibly using their “jake breaks” too close to his house. Bolduc’s email is scathing towards Maine truck drivers and includes stern orders and threats directed at police and town officials.

Rep. Brian Bolduc, D-Auburn

Wrote Bolduc, “We need more police survalence to crack down on this sh**. They rumble past our homes before they get to the bridge and to turn onto mill street especialy those god damed lumber trucks. They release those breaks and our floors and windows rumble and the sound scares pets and children in our homes. You would think the drivers would have enough common courtesy not to do this infront of residential homes but then again one look at them and you can see they probably dont have a whole hell of allot of brains in their heads.” (Emphasis added)

Bolduc further directs local officials to take corrective action to address the brainless miscreants driving lumber trucks: “I want a cruiser stationed on this road (you can use my driveway) every day between 630 am and 8pm (wich is when the traffic is running) for a week and i want to see citations stacking up or ill have every damned resident of this town who lives on a busy road in that city council chamber!”

Bolduc did not a return phone call seeking comment about this email.

Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine Republican Party, disclosed the email to Maine media after a public official forwarded the rant. He called on Democratic Party leaders to condemn Bolduc’s comments.

Contacted via telephone, officials with the Maine Democratic Party declined to comment.

“Representative Bolduc demonstrates a level of disrespect in this email that I believe the hard-working people of Maine will find shocking,” said Savage.

“Not only is Representative Bolduc clearly bullying the recipients of the email, he also takes a deeply offensive shot at hard-working Mainers who drive truck for a living,” he said. “For a politician representing a party that claims to look out for working people, showing this level of contempt for those very working people is revealing.”

According to Bolduc’s legislative profile, he is a certified secondary school Social Studies teacher. He has previously served in the 118th, 119th, 124th, and 125th Legislatures.

Here is the original text of Bolduc’s message:

From: brian daniel []
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 9:27 PM

Subject: jakes breaks

<redacted>!  I’m sending these links to you as background information. The trucks rolling down Riverside drive are totally out of control. I have talked to the Chief and the Mayor about this. We need more police survalence to crack down on this shit. They rumble past our homes before they get to the bridge and to turn onto mill street especialy those god damed lumber trucks. They release those breaks and our floors and windows rumble and the sound scares pets and children in our homes. You would think the drivers would have enough common courtesy not to do this infront of residential homes but then again one look at them and you can see they probably dont have a whole hell of allot of brains in their heads.  I want something done about it pronto I want a cruiser stationed on this road (you can use my driveway) every day between 630 am and 8pm (wich is when the traffic is running) for a week and i want to see citations stacking up or ill have every damned resident of this town who lives on a busy road in that city council chamber! sincerely,  Brian Bolduc

Steve Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter


  1. I wish these people would realize the actual use of jake brakes. They think they just use them to annoy people when it is a nessecity for the truck to be able to stop and stay under control. They have the common courtesy to not use them when they don’t have to. If you’ve ever ridden in a truck, you will realize the real need for jake brakes and it annoys the hell out of me when people complain about them.

  2. I live near a dangerous curve and I hear these brakes all the time. I figure its better to hear these brakes then to see dead people when a truck goes out of control.

    I’d rather goods travel by magical rainbow unicorn farts but until that happens we just have to live with the trucks.

    His elitism is showing. Why hate on truck drivers? Someone has to do that work. All the truck drivers I know are nice people. It takes brains to operate one of those trucks safely, too. I’d like to see him operate a truck!

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  4. I have worked in the lumber and manufacturing industry for over twenty years. During that time I have met many truck drivers, most of them were hardworking, sincere, polite and some of the most clever and resourceful people I have ever met. I would like to see this idiot Bolduc try to figure out what to do in the middle of the northern Maine woods in sub zero temperatures with a truck that has broken down. I could see him now, curled up in the fetal position, crying and calling for his mommy……

  5. I am a 20 plus year professional driver. I graduated in the top ten in my class. I bathe regularly.I make my bed and sweep my floors daily. I pay my taxes and support my family. I can spell, use punctuation properly and very rarely use profanity.
    I agree there are those that use the “Jake brakes” at inappropriate times but every occupation has their ” morons”. You sir appear to be at the top of the list in your chosen profession. Knowledge is power. Why don’t you join a trucker for a week and get some first hand knowledge on the topic of which you so freely speak? I have two separate sleeping quarters and seats in my rig…care to join me?

  6. Jake brakes are needed on heavy trucks, they are not bothersome if the truck has adequate muffler system.They are a few who change their muffler to straight pipes that are very annoying. These are mostly imanture kids looking for attention. . [Like a little kid when he first starts rideing his first bike, He wants everybody to see him] The problem is this reflects on all truck drivers.. It is lack of proper inspection by law enforcement ,that is the problem..I dealt with truck drivers for 40 years on my job ,I found 90% of them hard working good honest men , They are out there working 15 hours a day, making a living for their family, To bad we dident have a few more of them..We would not have all these bums sitting around taking 20% of their earnings ,complaing that their O Bama phone is not working…[[ END OF RANT] ]]

  7. All you have to do is stand in my driveway on rt#11 in Masardis and you will get a clear picture of how some of these hardworking people drive. Just because you work hard does not mean you have to kill people.

  8. Wow… really have you looked in the mirror lately, last time i check it was those truck drivers who supply the wood that then in turn makes the paper that you write on everyday, the toilet paper you wipe your ass with, and the lumber that built the house you live in and they do it all while your pretty little head its resting on your pillow because not everyone can work 9 to 4 like you can in your pretty little office. Remember this jackass the MEN who you say have no brains in their head are also the MEN that can run circles around your ass on any given day they have been at work for over 6 hours by the time you decide to get out of bed in the morning and then proceed to spend an hour in the mirror fixing your pretty little hair. The REAL people of Maine have to work for a living and i’m sorry that you have a problem with that, but remember we are also the people that got your lame ass elected in the first place. So word of advice think before you speak….

  9. Does arrogant ,elitist,overbearing ,know it all come to mind???????????????????How about out of touch,unrealistic or any one of a dozen other not too flattering adjectives that might pop into ones head????????????????Thank you Augusta.Once again you remind me why I hate politicians.

  10. Ok so in my opinion this Rep is the epitome of brainless and he needs to enable his spell check in his email… If you are going to be ignorant and stupid enough to insult someone first make sure you can spell and maybe just maybe this will be enough to get him out of office because he certainly does not belong there and fyi it is spelled A LOT not ALLOT

  11. One Mr.bolduc how in the hell do u think 3/4s of the shit in your house got there big rigs!!! Or the lumber on your floor the rumbles on your floor u so say big rig an those dumb looking truckers are what are keepin america alive take those off the road cause stupid politician can’t handle there brakes! Try livingvwirhout all the products they deliver while your sitting at your nice office job while the dumb looking truckers make the world keeping going around!!! How in the hell did u get in office!!?? Your the dumb looking one!!

  12. This guy is an idiot! Why don’t you do the job for a bit and then tell everyone just how much that “jacobs engine brake” makes a difference in the stopping ability of a fully and yet legally loaded truck, or how stupid you think it is and the drivers are ignorant for using them. I got an idea for you, hook a 30 foot tow behind camper to your Prius and discard any kind of engine “retarder” it may have had on it to help you control your stopping and controlling abilities and fill us in on the outcome. Oh wait we will probably see the mangled wreck in the news anyway. The only thing pissing you off is the supposed “scary” noise they make, i say buy some damn ear plugs or move into the woods where these guys work, they’d probably like to see ya! That is all…carry on

  13. I said this earlier, and I’ll say it again. It just maybe time to upgrade your flooring and windows if they’re rumbling. Sounds like you live in a shitty house. All that taxpayer money too..geez. I would love to be the guy that plows you street this winter..haha!

  14. This is the way the republicans look at the working man and always has. This is the reason our country is in a mess. The best people to run for office are taking high paying Jobs leaving us with these Idiots running for office. We have old men that cant remember there last name still in office.

  15. how do you feed your children um ya from a store where they bring the food by a truck and how do you think tp paper is made and how is it delivered to the stores a truck they are out trying to make a living to suppy for there famliies and we have you bad mouthing them try working a real job and not in a heated building my husband and I own trucks and he hauled wood back when my kids was little and it was a hard living having him gone from home as he was hard at work trying to supply for his family you can have trucks stop try going without them and going to the stores and there is nothing there for you to have on your table for your family without delivery’s to the stores and these guys hauling wood probably have a family they are working to supply for and you are complaining about a jack brake ty being in there shoes and try a real job
    and get out of a heated building and behind a wheel of a semi or any other truck and see how easy you have it stop being a idiot and get real and id be a shamed if I was you!!!!!

  16. In response to Rep. Bolduc’s comment, I decided to email him. The email is as follows:

    Good Morning Representative Bolduc,
    I am writing in response to your email regarding “brainless truckers”. Your statement may have only been directed at truckers in Auburn, but I am taking this as a personal attack. As a daughter of successful trucker I know the hard work my father has put into keeping his small business afloat. I am not only speaking for my dads business, but for all trucking businesses. I would like to know where you get off saying “if you take one look at them you can tell they don’t have a whole hell of a lot of brains.” I will have you know that my father is no where near “brainless” nor are any of those other truckers. I think you should educate yourself on the reasoning for Jake Brakes before you go running your mouth about something that you clearly have no understanding of. Until you have educated yourself on trucks, I suggest you apply the Jake Brake to your mouth. For my whole life my father has gotten up at 2 a.m to haul 6 loads of wood to put food on the table for his family. I am sure every truckers family can say the same thing. You clearly have no understanding of hard work or the value of a dollar and you probably never will. These truckers face a constant threat of never knowing when work will come around because the wood industry is so unpredictable. I would like to see you work the hours these men and women do just to make ends meet. Instead, you get to sit behind a desk in a warm, cozy office and dictate and threaten the people who work under you. There is no need for surveillance on these truckers, they are just doing their jobs and unfortunately for you, that includes the use of Jake Brakes. Until you know the meaning of hard work I suggest you leave our blue collar workers to do their job. Your apology statement does nothing for anyone that you have insulted. The damage is done and you meant what you said, whether it was out of anger or not. You are a representative that is suppose to be working for the people of Maine. Instead you are ridiculing those who work very hard for their money. I suggest you consider resigning from office. You are not the type of person any hard working Mainer would ever want representing them.
    I have enclosed a link below for the definition and purpose of Jake Brakes. Incase you didn’t know, they are a safety measure on trucks.

    Cat MacDonald

    MacDonald Trucking & Excavation
    Waterford, Maine

  17. Really? I’m so tired of useless people complaining about everything. It’s about as bad as living near railroad tracks and then complaining about trains going by. What’s more important? Infrastructure or your pet’s anxiety issues?

  18. Bolduc’s comments were the the height of stupidity, and I’m thinking he’s regretting what he said. Having said that, there is a big difference between a muffled and an unmuffled engine (“Jake”) brake. Trucks come from the factory with mufflers (like cars) but some drivers/companies like to remove them because they like the sound. It’s not all that bad because turbochargers (which all modern diesels have) act as pretty good mufflers on their own, but the problem comes when the engine brake is unmuffled–that’s when you get that loud noise. As a driver for over 42 years, I never shut off the engine brake on the truck I drive and nobody’s the wiser–but it’s muffled. We in the trucking industry have to realize that when we run around with loud engine brakes we’re going to attract the unwanted attention of knee jerk politicians like Bolduc (along with others). BTW, I shower every day.

  19. my dads a truck driver and he is one of the most intelligent men i know! i would like to see you try and drive a 16 wheeler and make sure the entire truck is safe to drive! It takes skill to know the mechanics of a truck and its trailer and my dad can take a truck apart and rebuild it with his bare hands with no instructions. So if that does not involve brains then i don’t know what does. You idiotic politician, all you probably do is sit on your ass and think of new ways to screw up America, and that does not take brains at all to do. If truck drivers were so stupid then how in the world would they be able to travel on the road without maps? My dad has all of new england’s roads memorized in his head and that is something only an intelligent person can do seeing as there are thousands of roads to memorize, and I bet you Bolduc probably can’t even remember what you had for breakfast. So I think you really need to be kicked out of office and put in a trucking job and see how long you last there, which would be all of 2 seconds since your probably not even man enough to handle that big of machinery!

  20. Maybe Bolduc should have enough”BRAINS” to know the difference between “lumber” and roundwood,,,,if he chooses to live on the route to the mill, then whom is brainless….better yet send him up off the golden rd. and have him load and truck a 100000#+ load from the woods to the mill,, maybe he’ll find out how BRAIN DEAD he is……he wouldn’t last 2 days working in the woods at any capacity……

  21. whats his address ?…this hard working truck driver would like to show him how much brains I have! and I hope this shithead notices the lack of misspelled words in this rant!

  22. As a 25+ owner/operater and I say an engine brake is a very important part of the trucks safety mechanics but there has to be a line when it comes to residental neighborhoods, common sence needs to come into play. I hear the same so called noise go by my house daily for no reason, it does get old.

  23. Oddly enough I sent an invite to this fool asking if he would like to have a discussion about quantum physics, Tesla’s electrical theory, stem cell research and the impact of organ transplantation. I can only assume by looking at him that he doesn’t have enough brains to sustain a conversation in any of those areas because it would require more intelligence than he was blessed with.

  24. Your lucky my Dad isn’t alive you Jackass! He’d come to Auburn and kick your ass! Then again he was just a dumbass trucker wirh 60 years under his belt with millions of miles providing for his family! I call on every trucker that drives by this jackasses house flip the Jake and blast that airhorn every morning. Maybe his neighbors will run him outta the neighborhood.

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