Tea party members racist bullies, political terrorists



The following letter to the editor appeared in the Nov. 30 edition of MaineToday’s Media Kennebec Journal. The headline is the original headline as written by MTM staff. 

During the tea party-led government shutdown, I watched C-Span and all the other news channels. One news channel promotes the nonsense that is the tea party.

The more I watched, the more I got upset with the tea party. It didn’t care about the people who were furloughed.

What did the shutdown accomplish? Most of the furloughed people live paycheck to paycheck. All the tea party wanted to do was stop Obamacare. Why? Is it because its members didn’t want the uninsured to have insurance? They can’t stand a black president. They have said no to everything, even jobs. They are racist bullies and political terrorists. In January, if they try to shut down the government again, they should be arrested for trying to overthrow the government.

Ted Cruz and the tea party have the wrong name. They should be called the PTP, the Political Terrorist Party.

Carol Roux, Shawmut

About Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is the former editor of The Maine Wire and currently the executive producer of the Kirk Minihane Show. Follow him on Twitter @BigSteve207.

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