Tea party members racist bullies, political terrorists



The following letter to the editor appeared in the Nov. 30 edition of MaineToday’s Media Kennebec Journal. The headline is the original headline as written by MTM staff. 

During the tea party-led government shutdown, I watched C-Span and all the other news channels. One news channel promotes the nonsense that is the tea party.

The more I watched, the more I got upset with the tea party. It didn’t care about the people who were furloughed.

What did the shutdown accomplish? Most of the furloughed people live paycheck to paycheck. All the tea party wanted to do was stop Obamacare. Why? Is it because its members didn’t want the uninsured to have insurance? They can’t stand a black president. They have said no to everything, even jobs. They are racist bullies and political terrorists. In January, if they try to shut down the government again, they should be arrested for trying to overthrow the government.

Ted Cruz and the tea party have the wrong name. They should be called the PTP, the Political Terrorist Party.

Carol Roux, Shawmut


  1. What else would one expect from the Pingree-Sussman press? Really,let’s follow Alinsky tactics to the T,demonize our opponents with all the negative buzzwords we can muster and keep it up,front page whenever possible, and people will believe it must be TRUE !
    The writer could not be more dishonest about the “Tea Party”,or its adherrents.Most people with “Tea Party” sympathies are decent, hard working Americans who are entirely fed up with the statist bent of the current government,and could care less about the race of the president.
    However,it is pretty easy to see how the Progressives/Democrats have made a specialty of bullying anyone who disagrees with them;to wit they immediately call anyone who disagrees with Obama a racist,or in this case,a “political terrorist” !

    I recall Hillary screeching about dissent being the essence of a democracy when Bush was president,don’t you?
    How about official white house bullying ? anyone recall the IRS scandal–still being investigated–,or the Justice Dept. suing states to prevent implementation of voter i.d. laws ?
    The government shutdown was a consequence of unwillingness on the part of Harry Reid and President Obama to negotiate ANY compromises with the Republicans who opposed the implementation of the so-called Affordable Care Act.
    Given the recent history of the incompetent (to say the least) and disasterous rollout of this law,and the on-the-fly delays,waivers,and excuses from the President et al, it is hardly credible to suggest that the GOP’s objections to this–which in the writer’s view culminated in the shutdown– were political terrorism.

    I’d say they were entirely correct in their distrust of this administration,and the taxpayers–even Democrats–ought to be aghast at the waste of money on the Obamacare website.

  2. well all I have to say about social security is the government stole my money from every pay check I ever earned so I want it all back — I did not tell them to take it –this is a debt that they need to pay back to me it is MY Money I am getting back –and by the way I provide my own health insurance I do not want the Governments –I just want what they took from Me –ITS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT BACK

  3. we the people need to take back control of our country –Government has forgotten that they are our employes “WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT ” not our employes –so come vote time lets FIRE Those that do not do what we hired them to do

  4. just a little note -I buy my own food and pay my own bill’s –and ask nor receive any Gov assistance –if I need help I look at both of my hands and take care of the help I need —been doing that for 69 years works for me and the good Lord smiles on me “if a man won’t work he also ought not to eat “

  5. And Mr Meek would have a hard time convincing any thinking person that he has not benefited from any government largesse. Drive down a road, send a kid to school, pay property taxes…and the list goes on! Bet you all consider yourself “Christians ” too. And this is how you spell *employee *! Have a great day!


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