WATCH: Pachios on the news with The Maine Wire’s Steve Robinson


Robinson - Pachios 2

Maine Wire Editor Steve Robinson joined Harold Pachios for an hour-long interview to be aired on the Community Television Network in the greater Portland area. Watch the interview below.

Part I: Becoming conservative at Bowdoin College, Big Labor, Governor LePage and Welfare Dependency

 Part II: Economic freedom, Welfare Abuse & Reform, and Minimum Wage


  1. how can parents get involved when schools who claim roles as co-parenters allow little involvement, and the common core approach most parents dont understand. ? my kids school uses CNN student as a resource, with none other than piers morgans face on the homepage. I almost wanted to throw up when i saw that.

  2. they allowed you to have a column and they graduated people who became conservatives!. and thats supposed to suggest that there is not a climate that stifles opposing political views?. wow, thats awfully sporty of them.


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