Dem Rep Admits: “I’d rather be Santa than Scrooge…”

Diane Russell
Rep. Diane Russell, D-Portland

A Portland Democrat said on Monday she would “rather be Santa than Scrooge,” referring to her party’s unwavering support for growing Maine’s welfare system.

Rep. Diane Russell (D-Portland)’s comment followed an exchange between Maine Democratic Party Chairman, Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage, and The Maine Wire Editor Steve Robinson:









Last year, Russell introduced legislation to sell the Blaine House, where Gov. Paul LePage currently resides, in order to teach him a lesson about homelessness.





  1. Diane Russell, the champion time and money waster in Augusta. Dumb bills to sell the Blaine House, deprive the Governor of his pension, and now, to cut legislative pay in the event of a state shutdown.

    Every one of them laughed off the State House floor, and even condemned by her fellow party members.

    If only we could bill her for the cost of her failed, expensive grandstanding on the taxpayer time and dime in Augusta.

  2. Like most progressives she wants to play Santa with money taken from producers, yet she is a Scrooge when it comes to spending her own money. Time to start drug testing our politicians

  3. When the door to office is open to all women, because theyre chicks, not because theyre qualified, this is what you get for representation. I’m all for equality, but this is what you get, The “pot lady” and Barak, etc. , etc. etc. Theyre should be constitutional comprehension tests, psychological and other competency tests. And in her case, a drug test.


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