NFIB Survey: Small Business Owners Opposed to Medicaid Expansion


nfibAUGUSTA – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) on Monday released a poll showing a majority of its Maine members oppose Medicaid expansion and believe it will lead to higher state taxes.

“The survey, released Monday morning by the Maine affiliate of the nonpartisan, nonprofit National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), finds that 93 percent of its Maine members believe Medicaid expansion would lead to higher state taxes within five years,” the House Republican Office said in a press release.

“A total of 88 percent of respondents opposed the proposal to add over 70,000 able-bodied adults to the state’s medical welfare program under ObamaCare while just 10 percent supported it,” the press release said. “Opposition remained unchanged even when respondents were told of a sunset provision attached to the bill.”

The news came on the same day it was revealed that the Maine State Chamber of Commerce will not endorse the Medicaid expansion compromise bill introduced by Sens. Roger Katz (R-Kennebec) and Tom Saviello (R-Franklin).

“Any young person looking to start their own business in Maine someday should get involved and pay close attention to these attempts to increase welfare spending,” said Assistant House Minority Leader Alex Willette (R-Mapelton).

“It says a lot that 93 percent of NFIB members believe more welfare means more taxes,” he said.

The Legislature is expected to vote on Medicaid expansion this week.


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