Democrats murder charge debunked by Obama appointee


MPA-Lobby-Day-2011A report from an Obama appointee puts the lie to Maine Democrats’ charge that Gov. Paul LePage and Republican lawmakers are killers for opposing a Medicaid expansion bill.

“Adjusted for demographic, health status, and health behavior characteristics, the risk of subsequent mortality is no different for uninsured respondents than for those covered by employer-sponsored group insurance . . . The Institute of Medicine’s estimate that lack of insurance leads to 18,000 excess deaths each year is almost certainly incorrect,” Dr. Richard Kronick wrote in an August 2009 Health Services Research paper. (Emphasis added)

Kronick was appointed by the Obama administration to serve on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in August of last year.

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Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers are still eager to embrace the Democratic Maine People’s Alliance’s claim that LePage and GOP lawmakers will be responsible for the deaths of 157 Mainers. The latest pol to endorse the unsavory propaganda is Sen. Anne Haskell (D-Portland) who delivered an underwhelming performance this morning on WGAN’s Ken and Mike Show.


  1. Sell there you have it..The Marxist leaning Maine People’s Alliance proven to be the liars that they are….and all the lemming Democrat politicians who immediately jumped on the bandwagon of the MPA’s false propaganda are exposed as nothing more than the useful idiots they are.

  2. The bulk of those people dying, 70%+ are insured under Medicare and Medicaid(cancer & heart disease). I find it hard to believe insuring younger people is going to make much of a dent in the mortality rates for younger people, many of whom die from causes having insurance won’t help.

    I could say that reducing MEDICARE rates and categories of reimbursement will definitely increase the death rate; easily offsetting any gains among younger people.


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