Democratic group endorses Democratic candidates for Maine legislature


MPA-Lobby-Day-2011A Portland-based Democratic activist group announced on Thursday its endorsement of several Democratic candidates for Maine’s state legislature.

“Each of these candidates has proven themselves as progressive leaders who will fight for a Maine where everyone has what they need, everyone contributes their fair share, and no one is left behind,” Maine People’s Alliance board member Sheryl Lee said in a prepared statement. 

An endorsement from MPA could mean financial support through the groups political action committee – MPA Campaign Vote! – and manpower to canvass a district.

Democratic candidates who have received the MPA stamp of approval include: Ralph Chapman of Brooksville (House District 133), Michelle Dunphy of Old Town (House District 122), and both Rebecca Cornell Du Houx and Donna Doore, who are both competing for House District 85. In the Senate, MPA endorsed Catherine Breen of Falmouth (Senate District 25).

The MPA purports to be a non-partisan group, but it endorses primarily Democrats.

The group is actively working to support U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud, a Democrat, in his bid to become the next governor of Maine.


  1. If I were any of this candidates I would immediately reject the Marxist Maine Peoples Alliance of Maine endorsement….unless these candidates are Marxist themselves. The MPA espouses a Marxist doctrine as illustrated by their mouth piece’s comments…..’they will fight for Maine’…..true, but only if you belong to a special interest group…’where everyone has what they need’….translation….massive welfare expansion. ‘Where everyone pays their fair share’…. translation….collective socialism. The Marxist MPA does not represent the values of Maine and if a candidate accepts their endorsement that candidate should be rejected at the ballot box.


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