Who funds the Maine Democrats?


Dem Funding Chart

The Maine Democratic Party relies heavily on union funding and contributions from national Democratic committees, according to its campaign finance filings for 2014.

Unions – including private-sector unions and government workers unions – have contributed $431,500 to the Maine Democrats so far this year. The Democratic Governors Association has given $104,236, the House Democratic Campaign Committee has given $40,000 and the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee has given $20,000. S. Donald Sussman is the largest individual donor to the Maine Democrats, hacing donated $50,000 this year. ABDC PAC, a political action committee affiliated with Senate President Justin Alfond (D-Portland) had given the party $18,000. Other sources, such as lobbyists, law firms, and individuals, have contributed $1,425.

On the other side, the top contributors to the Maine Republican Party were the Republican Governor’s Association and local small businesses.

MEGOP funding

Note: All fundraising numbers were pulled from campaign finance reports submitted to the state for the first quarter of 2014.


  1. It’s no surprise that labor unions are the biggest contributors to the Maine Democrat Party. Most of the elected Democrats in Augusta are firmly in the back pockets of the unions as Senate President Alfond recently proved with his comment that no jobs in Maine are preferable to non-union jobs.

  2. All these facts and statistics are a deliberate smokescreen confuse people and conceal the fact that the Republicans are the Party of the Rich. The PPH editors will not contradict the stats, but “least said, soonest disavowed.” They know the value of staying on message.


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