Sting operation shows majority of fake Obamacare applications getting approved


healthcaregov-obamacare-websiteAs problems with President Barack Obama’s health care law continue to unfold across the country, a new sting operation launched by the Government Accountability Office has discovered a troubling trend: Obamacare’s enrollment system is unable to discern fake applications for federal health care subsidies.

The GAO’s sting operation submitted 18 fake applications to seeking subsidies for health insurance, according to a report from National Journal. A majority — 11 of 18 — of the fake applications were accepted, raising questions about how many other improper or fraudulent applications have gone unnoticed.

From National Journal:

The accuracy of the health law’s eligibility verification system has been an ongoing concern among lawmakers and officials, and Republicans have repeatedly pointed to it as evidence that the law leaves the government vulnerable to fraud.

The GAO investigation was requested by several Republican senators and representatives before the insurance exchanges launched in the fall, according to The Washington Post.

The administration, meanwhile, maintains that it is working to improve the process.

“We are examining this report carefully and will work with GAO to identify additional strategies to strengthen our verification processes,” said administration spokesman Aaron Albright.


  1. Last October when went live it was fraught with issues leading me to conclude it was not merely a failure of design, it was designed to fail. This latest revelation is one more piece of information confirming that conclusion.


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