NRO’s Nordlinger writes on Maine

Illustration by Roman Genn (Source:
Illustration by Roman Genn (Source:
Illustration by Roman Genn (Source:

Jay Nordlinger, well-known columnist for National Review, has written a series about the Pine Tree State, “The State of Maine: Not all lobster bibs and brisk swims.

Nordlinger endeavors to show both the picturesque Maine featured in tourism brochures and also the “other Maine” — the Maine stricken with poverty, drug abuse, and a struggling illiberal economy.

Visit NRO to read his pieces here, here, and here.


  1. I think it is hard to visit Maine once or twice down Cumberland County way and expect to understand what Maine is. It reminds me of the blindfolded sages ,each at a different spot , feeling an elephant (or was it a camel) and then describing what they think the critter looked like.

  2. Too bad this flatlander wasn’t on crowded CASCO BAY TECH HUB cruise the other evening sponsored by Blackstone—tables full of Lobster rolls and proscutto/melon Hors d’oeuvres; he would have met over a 100, mostly under 30, ‘techies’ socially networked and using things like the Hub Fund Accelerator of grant funds to get their concepts off the ground. There is a new Maine economy growing in the weeds of the old one and I spent about 30 min. with the director of a Chamber group planning for the future ‘look n’ feel’ of Portland as an urban bedroom community of villages for the surrounding ring of suburban industry. Had this ‘flat lander’ spent time talking to people in a place like Skowhegan he would have found each house had several microbusinesses operating, most hidden away on the Internet…….and be sure to wave good bye as he drives away through the Kittery toll gate!


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