Maine candidate, People’s Alliance member falsely claims she’s a licensed physician


LEWISTON – A Lewiston Democrat and former Maine People’s Alliance co-chair  has been caught falsely claiming that she is a physician. Although Heidi Brooks, who is running for the Maine State House of Representatives, has sent out mailers portraying herself as a medical doctor, a Sun Journal investigation found that her medical license was revoked ten years ago.

From the Sun Journal:

Brooks is not licensed to practice medicine in Maine. According to the state’s Board of Licensure in Medicine, her license was revoked in 2004 and her application for renewal was denied the following year based on personal health issues, substance abuse and her “lack of medical practice for a considerable amount of time.”

Even if someone has earned a medical doctor degree, state law bans anyone who is not licensed to be a physician from using the initials “M.D.” with their name if they “purport” to be a physician. Under the statute governing professions and occupations, doing so is a Class E misdemeanor.

Brooks, who has previously served as secretary of the Maine Democratic State Committee, has represented herself throughout the campaign, and in various boards and committees as, “Heidi Brooks, M.D.”

Screen shot of a recent mailer from Heidi Brooks

Brooks also referred to herself as a “trained physician” this year while advocating for Medicaid expansion.

When the Sun Journal asked her about her not actually being a doctor, but telling voters she is a doctor, Brooks issued the following written statement: “I never intended to mislead anyone about my experience as a doctor. I’m sorry if that has been unclear.”

Brooks is running for Lewiston’s House District 61 against independent Mark Cayer and a write-in Republican candidate Robert Reed.

In addition to pretending to be a doctor, potentially violating Maine law, Brooks is highly involved with the left-wing Maine People’s Alliance.

According MPA’s quarterly print publication, The Alliance, Brooks has been an active member of MPA for four years.

“Over the years she has taken on more responsibly (sic) and leadership including serving as a co-chair of the MPA Board and chair of the Androscoggin chapter,” the MPA said in her candidate review.

According to The Alliance, Brooks is running for office because she believes government should be held accountable to its citizens.


  1. Unfortunately these types of shenanigans are to be expected from the left nationally and now here in Maine as well. They are collectively strangers to the truth.

  2. I would say she’s your typical Maine Peoples Alliance operative. About what one would expect. A shiftless liar trying to redistribute wealth from those who work for it to those who don’t.


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