Speaker Eves More Focused on Scoring Political Points Than Following Due Process


A few hours ago, House Republican Leader Ken Fredette released the following statement after sending a letter to Speaker Eves regarding the email poll question he sent to House members this morning, without the consent of House Republican Leadership:

“I have spoken with Speaker Eves and Senate President Thibodeau regarding Speaker Eves’ unilateral decision to poll the House of Representatives on the issue of convening a special session of the Legislature,” said Rep. Fredette. “Unfortunately, the actions of the Speaker appear to show that he is more focused on scoring political points than following the due process as set out in the Maine Constitution and the rules of the Maine House of Representatives.”

According to the letter, pursuant to Article IV, Part Third, Section 1 of the Constitution of Maine, both the House and the Senate are required to ask the same question. However, no agreement was made and no poll has been sent out in the Senate.

As such, Speaker Eves let his personal grudge get the best of him when he unilaterally made the decision to poll the House of Representatives, proving that this act was just another part of his charade to gain media attention and embarrass his adversary, Governor LePage, with no thought of what’s best for the taxpayers of Maine.


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