Hypocrisy, thy name is Emily Cain


Emily Cain wants you to believe that she has anything in common with the average person living in Maine’s Second Congressional District. However, it is all fake.  She has never been in touch with the average Maine voter.

Like all career politicians, Cain has a hypocrisy problem.  As she — with a straight face — harps about the supposed influence of Wall Street in Maine, she neglects to mention her long (very long) history of receiving funding from outside special interest groups through her personal Political Action Committee. Many of these groups are the same special interests Emily Cain claims to oppose.

Unlike federal campaign law, Maine state law allowed Cain, when she was in the state legislature, to accept corporate contributions of unlimited amounts.  A look at Cain’s “Leadership PAC” donors exposes her as someone all too willing to accept donations from groups she denounces.

Remember Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that raised the price of the life-saving EpiPen from $100 to $600? They donated to Emily Cain’s now defunct Cain for Maine Political Action Committee.

Mylan isn’t the only pharmaceutical company that has funded Emily Cain over the years. She also received donations from roughly ten major corporate interest groups, including major pharmaceutical companies and industry trade associations.

For a person who claims that such donations are a sign of corruption and undue influence, it is curious to see them associated with her.

In addition, Emily Cain’s early career was also funded by those people she adamantly claims to stand against: the big banks of Wall Street.

While some people may have been shocked at the Wells Fargo money Hillary Clinton funneled into Cain’s campaign this year, Emily Cain already had a history of receiving donations from Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Visa, Stonehenge Capital, American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, and more.

Emily Cain also has a history of being funded by the owners of liquor and gambling interests like Anheuser-Busch and casino interests.

Emily Cain is a classic example of the politician with a big rock in her hand, surrounded by the walls of a glass house.  Her only ambition is the personal acquisition of power, and as such she is willing to say just about anything in an attempt to smear those that get in her way, despite the fact that her vile attacks could easily be used to describe Cain herself.

Emily Cain built her career on donations from the groups she now says you should hate, and mistrust.

She can say whatever Pelosi and her Washington elite friends tells her to say, but she can’t escape her own history.  She is, was and always will be willing to fund her political activity with big corporate dollars from companies and groups she says she opposes, and doesn’t feel even an ounce of guilt for it.

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