What’s going on in our cities?


I counted to 10, but it didn’t work.

I don’t know about you, but I’m at wits’ end regarding the state of our beloved America…one time land of the free.

I refer specifically to the chaos, mayhem, destruction, criminality, looting, all forms of lawlessness, widespread death and serious injury, and overall trashing of public and private property, adding up to anarchy in place of the ordered liberty on which this nation has been based since its founding. Ordered liberty, ensured by enforcement of duly enacted laws, is how life and the pursuit of happiness is assured for us all.

The numerous simultaneous eruptions are beyond anything I can recall in my nearly 80 years. It must be that I have lived a charmed and sheltered life to this point, because I can’t imagine any, and I mean any circumstances that can justify this shameless and despicable eruption, which shows no sign of diminishing. And I can’t imagine any offerings that we could proffer on bended knees to the perpetrators that would suddenly have them go from “rape, pillage, plunder” to “don’t worry, be happy.” People on a rampage do not deal in reason.

I’m going to try to make my points briefly, which is very difficult for me. As I listen to the news, I have to wonder whether we will ever see resistance build at the national level. Given the nature of the anarchy, things could very well escalate if national resistance is mounted. 

My summary of observations and comments at the moment are as follows:

1)  The troubles are taking place in major cities across the land. In every case, in my simple way of looking at things, the mayors of those cities have ready access to municipal, county, and state level law enforcement and public safety personnel to quell the criminal turmoil. The term “protest,” by the way, does not belong in this discussion.

2)  At first, I was almost willing to believe that the mayors were AWOL and in over their heads, living in the la-la land of utopian progressivism. I was wrong. Instead, they are collaborators, accomplices, aiders, abettors, co-conspirators, and promoters of those committing the destruction and their anarchy. The proof, if nothing else, is that they have ordered their own law enforcement/public safety forces to “stand down” and allow the damage and the lawlessness to expand and become ever more vile and dangerous. In refusing to make use of the lawfully sworn forces they have available to fight the anarchy, they have signed their “affidavit of conscience” in support of the barbarians, and as I see it, taken personal responsibility for every bit of the damage to public and private property, and the loss of life and related beatings and injuries.

3)  I consider this collection of circumstances to be nothing less than a national “organized crime” wave in the sense that “organized crime” has existed in other forms in other eras. Black Lives Matter, which has more than 40 chapters nationally, and is a major protagonist in the riots, is certainly “organized,” and clearly has logistics channels fully operational to supply the storm troopers on the front lines. Antifa, while not as transparent as BLM publicly, clearly has been highly organized, funded, and logistically sophisticated for years. 

4)  Add to this the fact that public officials responsible in the effected cities have been corrupted and co-opted by these two national organizations and who knows who else, and it is clear in my civilian mind that this is organized crime in the traditional criminal sense, with numerous major players showing their faces daily. Who knows how many have yet to show their faces, but are working diligently behind the scenes to keep the operations advancing on all fronts. The Mayor of New York City takes part in defacing and blocking public ways, vandalizing as if the city was his own graffiti canvas. I’m not sure what RICO laws are about, but I have no problem thinking we are seeing racketeering and corrupt practices taking place in some sense of those terms.

5)  This is truly warfare on a national “on our shores” scale for which we were clearly not prepared. Wars end in a variety of ways: surrender; victory, retreat, or negotiations of some sort. Ask yourselves who would be the parties to such points of cessation, if that were even possible.

6)  Ask yourself as well who are providing the finances for these insurgencies, and what connections there are to partisan strategies for the impending national elections. This is where things can get complicated, and it is easy to start seeing conspiracy behind every tree. I’ll not comment further on this angle or I’ll never finish.

7)  In the military, subordinates can disobey unlawful orders of a superior. This is part of the UCMJ. I don’t know what public law says, but if Police, sworn to enforce the law, are ordered by their superiors to back off and not do so, shouldn’t they be able to disobey such orders? Otherwise, what does being “sworn” mean?

8)  Furthermore, in the military, at least in the movies…which shows you the quicksand I am on….a subordinate can assume the responsibilities of a superior under specified conditions. Is there, or shouldn’t there be, a similar provision when a mayor in charge of a city with a population as high as millions gives orders to let anarchy and destruction and murder prevail without intervention?

9)  One other thought; shouldn’t there be some form of back-pressure from insurers to refuse coverage for losses that were caused by government malfeasance? Insurance firms and taxpayers just “sucking it up” and saying “sure, we’ll make everything whole again” is just adding more weakness to the guarding of our lives and rights and liberties.

Well, that pretty much covers the thoughts that came to mind today.  No doubt many of them are silly, irrational, or otherwise completely unfeasible. No matter. “The conversation,” as they like to say, has to start somewhere, right?  

Sorry the 10 count didn’t protect you this time.


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