Boston Globe Sports Scribe Ben Volin’s “Everyone Hates Mac Jones” Scoop Was FAKE DM


Boston Globe sports writer Ben Volin told the low-rated WEEI morning radio show “someone that would know” told him everyone in the New England Patriots organization hates Mac Jones.

The alleged journalist appears to be the victim of a dastardly DMing trickster.

Host Greg Hill and his producer pressed Volin hard on where the information came from after he made the initial claim about Mac Jones’ reputation within the broader Pats organization.

Volin appeared to backpedal, but by the end of the segment he confirmed that the person who sent the DM was “someone who would know” — appearing to confirm that the information came from a well placed or authoritative source.

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Screenshots of private messages subsequently posted on social media show that Volin got his “scoop” from a sports fan who concocted the entire thing just to see how the sports writer vets his information.

The Boston Globe, New England’s largest newspaper, has a habit of hiring journalists who fabricate information, misrepresent sources, or plagiarize writing.

Former WEEI host and current Barstool Sports podcaster Kirk Minihane caught Boston Globe metro beat writer and longtime tough guy Kevin Cullen fabricating sources and lying about his coverage of the Boston bombing. Cullen was suspended, but he remains a reporter for the paper.

Former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle was forced to resign following the discovery that he engaged in widespread plagiarism. He failed upward into an MSNBC TV gig he still holds.

It’s unclear whether the Boston Globe will take any disciplinary action over Volin’s misrepresentation of the phony DM. Nor is it clear whether the struggling WEEI will continue having him on for his expertise.

Volin has struggled to keep his reporting on the Pats accurate in the past, including an embarrassing report that tried to connect team owner Bob Kraft to the Kraft Foundation, an organization he is not related to whatsoever.

Barstool Sports investigative reporter John Feitelberg was the first to break the story.

Full disclosure: I used to work for Barstool Sports and sometimes help Minihane solve murders.


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