NY Post: Hayward sees anti-woke “desperate housewives” turning out for LePage


NY Post columnist Stephen Hayward’s Sunday column suggests disaffected suburban women may form a big part of the Red Wave many are expecting to wash a significant number of Republicans into office on Tuesday.

Hayward notes recent Wall Street Journal nationwide polling, which suggests suburban women have swung 27 points toward the GOP since August. While the WSJ attributes the shift to the pain from inflation and fear over crime, Hayward theorizes that mothers more likely are reacting to government lockdowns, failures of the public education system, as well as the influx of radical content into schools regarding race and transgenderism.

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“In other words,” writes Hayward, “suburban women have awakened to wokeism.”

Regarding Maine and LePage, Hayward writes:

“In Maine, former GOP Gov. LePage is challenging incumbent Democrat Gov. Janet Mills over this matter, calling out state government for tolerating ‘Gender Queer,’ ‘This Book Is Gay’ and other sexually explicit volumes in public-school libraries. Gov. Mills, like Gov. Whitmer in Michigan, is attempting to dodge the issue by saying curriculum decisions and library-book selection should be left at the local level, but Maine’s state education website recommends that schools adopt ‘Gender Queer.'”

Read Hayward’s full column here.



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