Liberal Civil War Erupts Over $70,000 Brunswick Mural Not Being “Inclusive” Enough


Liberals in Brunswick are going to war with one another over a $70,000 painting that’s going to end up on the side of the Fort Andross Mill.

Although the painting — “Many Stitches Hold Up the Sky,” by two Hallowell artists — is your standard left-wing virtue-signaling “art” that has replaced what we used to know as art, a Bowdoin College professor started a petition complaining about the mural because it’s not “inclusive” enough.

The internecine conflict was front page news for the Portland newspaper on Friday, which found the conflict very serious and not at all hilarious.

Bowdoin College professor Mark Wethli concocted the outrage with an online petition that has amassed the support of 364 similarly ticked off libs. He wants the painting redesigned to be less racist, though he admits that Brunswick Pubic Art has already told him it’s not happening.

“We find the current design to be not only problematic but also offensive in its racial, ethnic and gender stereotypes,” he wrote.

You hear that? Not only problematic, but also offensive…

At this rate, the only acceptable public art will be “Piss Christ” or the cans of tomato soup climate activists have lately taken to tossing on real art.

The quotes in the newspaper story from miffed progressives are just classic.

“This isn’t just about Indigenous people,” says one angry person. “It’s about the larger ideas of inclusion in the public space and the way that BIPOC and other people have been systematically marginalized and excluded from representation in the public space.”


Another: “Joseph Hall, who teaches Wabanaki history at Bates College, said that while it’s admirable to want to represent the importance of community, this mural doesn’t show that the people who created Brunswick did so in a way that sought to exclude Wabanaki people.”

Does Mr. Hall mean that the mural would be more acceptable if it showed colonists handing Native Americans small-pox laced blankets or shooting cannons at them?

What a bizarre way to go through life.

Do yourself a favor and go read the comments on this petition.


  1. Our illegitimate Alzheimer’s controlled puppet in the White House just chose a pot-smoking, black, lesbian, woman of color over a decorated Marine because the former has far more privilege points. What more do these DEI people want?


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