Schaeffer: Biden Presidency in Flat Spin Crisis


If you saw the original Top Gun with Tom Cruise, released in 1986, you know what a Flat Spin is, and how serious a crisis it is for aviators. If you didn’t see it, you may well have seen the sequel: Top Gun Maverick, released last year, and it was a box office record setter. If you have seen neither, see what you can do to find the flat spin segment of the original so you can sense the depth of the crisis it presents. YouTube and similar sites could be helpful.

The flat spin in the original was the moral crisis at the heart of that movie, and it’s a key plot pretext for the new sequel. If you’ve seen either or both of the movies, you know that the Aviator style sunglasses are a key element of the Top Gun image.

It’s pretty clear that Joe Biden relishes his “Top Guy” role, and wears his aviators every chance he gets to cloak himself in glorious self-absorption and image projection. Driving his 67 “Vette” with them on is where he indulges his “need for speed.” I suspect his personal aides have to take his “shades” from him when he comes indoors, so he doesn’t wear them in the office, at meetings, and at statements he makes inside the White House (isn’t it time they change that name to something else?)

I think there’s ample justification to give Biden the “call sign” Flat Spin Joey for his disastrous stewardship of the America he inherited on January 20th two years ago. As he is fond of saying, “everything is moving up in my administration.” Food prices, inflation, illegal immigration, gas and heating fuel prices, woke insanities, DOJ weaponization, Armed Forces personnel and equipment shortfalls, identity group balkanization, workplace dropouts; you name it, they’re all moving up, and have been almost since the day he took office. He arguably has America in a flat spin, the likes of which becomes more and more impossible to recover from.

With that imagery as the backdrop, I’d like to highlight two glaring “pilot errors” in recent days on the part of Flat Spin Joey (FSJ) and his “back-seaters.”

A few days ago, Peter Doocey of Fox News asked Karine Jeanne-Pierre (KJP,) the public face of Biden’s team, if there was a visitors log kept for the Biden manse in Wilmington, where several classified documents were “discovered.” A number of them were apparently stored in a high security stack of cardboard boxes in the corner of the garage in which FSJ’s non-flyable “Vette” is sheltered.

Rather than answer the question itself, KJP decided to slap Peter down with a poke at the Trump administration, pointing out that the FSJ team had re-established visitor logs at the (trigger alert!) White House, a practice she says was discontinued by OMB (Orange Man Bad). I’m hoping Peter gets a chance very soon to point out that visitor control at the US Border was discontinued by the FSJ team on their first day in office, a practice that Trump put in place and enforced with due diligence. All manner of chaos is being rained down on the country at large as a result, and the entire FSJ team cares not a whit. Time to head to the local pub, pound down some brewskies, and do the “You’ve Lost That Lawful Feeling” number around the piano. Make sure everyone has their aviators, on, Boss! Mayorkas, KJP, Blinkey, and the rest will look sharp as they lip-sync to your lead!

Then there’s FSJ’s appearance at the Ebenezer Baptist Church yesterday in Atlanta. That’s where Martin Luther King once ministered, and where Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Georgia) now wears that mantel. Joey was there to praise the memory of MLK on his national holiday, and couldn’t resist suggesting that he was sort of brought up in a Black Church. He also demonstrated his dismal singing voice, and his shining ability to forget names of those he is saluting, if only with a simple song. Maybe he thinks of these “bits” as part of the comedy routine he uses to win over audiences. Not a joke, pal.

The flat spin element in this appearance rests on the reality that MLK’s heartfelt legacy of civil rights leadership was founded on 1) Non-violent protest and marches, and 2) judging all God’s children not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Those principles have stood the test of time, until the “post-racial” era brought on by Obama and FSJ, and the BLM and Antifa riots it spawned, to the tune of billions of dollars in damages and hundreds of deaths. Critical Race Theory, brought to the forefront by the progressives in our midst and given formal sanction by the FSJ team, is based on the axiom that whites are oppressors and blacks are victims. So much for judging by character, not skin color. And you can pretty much guarantee that any protest for progressive causes will have a violent component, not to mention the increases in criminal violence nationwide thanks to progressive “social justice” policies in policing and prosecutorial softening on enforcement.

Brings to mind a thought exercise that goes something like this: what would be the effect of judging and electing government officials not by their party affiliation, but the content of their character. That should cause some shaking in the boots, and other loss of bodily function control.

Oh, and one more thing; will someone suggest to Peter Doocey that he ask KJP if it’s true that the crews of Air Force One and Marine One have build special seats for Flat Spin Joey that simulate pilot controls so he can keep his shades on and play aviator while they’re in the air? You know, like those old toddler car seats from days of yore that went in the back seat and had a play steering wheel and a horn button. It kept many of us content on rides in the old family truckster in our formative days. Since Joey shows signs of getting in touch with his “inner child,” this may be the perfect time to use such behavioral distractions.


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