Attention Seeking Royals Ruffled by Brutal South Park Parody


Lawyers for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “casting an eye” over the American cartoon South Park after its recent parody of the couple otherwise known as Meghan and Harry, the Daily Mail reported. Sources close to the British royal family told the newspaper that the Duchess also known as Meghan Markle has been “upset and overwhelmed” by her depiction in a recent episode.

Most Americans understand that South Park – now in its 26th season on Comedy Central – is satire, and often cuttingly funny ones. World leaders, pop stars and actors — even Satan, Jesus Christ, and Santa Claus — have been singled out for ridicule in past episodes.

In the “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” the show depicts a prince and princess from Canada traveling around loudly demanding their privacy. One character refers to the fictitious wife of the prince as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer and victim.”

During the course of the script, one of South Park’s main characters attends “branding” school where he meets the royal couple. There we peer into the options for re-branding that the school suggests and in each there is the word “victim.”

At the conclusion of the episode, the prince reconsiders whether he should really be portraying himself as a victim, but his bride refuses abandoning ‘victim’ status no matter how poorly it wears in a multi-millionaire member of one of the world’s best-known royal families.

According to TV commentator Meghan Kelly, “when South Park turns on you, there’s just no recovering.”


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