CNN’s Don Lemon Says 51-Year-Old Nikki Haley No Longer “In Her Prime”


It hasn’t been a good week for CNN, and Don Lemon didn’t help this morning when he suggested on-air that the 51-year old Nikki Haley is not longer “in her prime.” This eye-popping judgment offends not only women, but anyone in their mid-life years in America who might wonder how Lemon – pulling in $4 million a year at age 56 – is qualified to call a younger woman over the hill.

On Monday, the network announced that it was letting Jake Tapper’s producer go following revelations of an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate. Former anchor Chris Cuomo, who was let go in late 2021 at the same time sexual harassment claims were made against him, was back in the news this week talking about how, at the time, he “wanted to kill everybody, including myself.”

Also in 2021, CNN had to let go a producer who lured mothers and their young daughters to his ski cabin in Vermont to sexually exploit the children, a conviction late last year attests.

It just doesn’t seem like CNN is a healthy, or particularly safe environment to work.

Responding to Lemon’s demeaning comment this afternoon, freshly-declared GOP presidential candidate Haley said “it’s always the liberals who are the most sexist.”


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