U.S. Military Improperly Released Records on GOP Candidates to Dem Operatives: Air Force

Nevada Republican Sam Peters

The U.S. military improperly released service records of Republican candidates for Congress to Democratic operatives, according to letters from the Air Force to those GOP candidates.

Abraham Payton of Due Diligence Group, a consulting firm hired by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), made multiple requests for the military personnel records of Sam Peters and Kevin Dellicker, two Air Force veterans who lost campaigns last cycle. And those records were improperly turned over, the Air Force has admitted.

Both Peters and Dellicker received Feb. 8 letters from the Air Force alerting them to the improper requests by Democratic political operatives to obtain their personnel files.

The letters were first reported on by POLITICO:

“Peters and Dellicker are the fourth and fifth known recipients of Air Force letters regarding the records releases, which have sparked an investigation by House Republicans. They are joining Reps. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) and Zach Nunn (R-Iowa) in seeking an additional investigation of any illegal activity that may have occurred surrounding the requests for their military records, a push first reported by POLITICO on Tuesday.”

The U.S. Air Force has identified 11 people total who have been affected by the unauthorized release of military records, according to POLITICO.

According to the Air Force letters, Payton, the left-wing operative, used the Republican candidates’ social security numbers and submitted the request for records for the purpose of “benefits,” “employment,” and “other.”

House Republicans have begun an investigation into what role the DCCC played in receiving or using those records, and whether any laws were broken in the process.


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