Author: Cody McLaughlin

Cody is a public affairs consultant and political operative who hails from New Jersey. A self-described caffeine addict and workaholic who writes on a variety of topics, you can check out his fiery (and admittedly hilarious) commentary on state and national politics and policy on twitter (@mclaugh19).

How many times have we heard it? “Tax breaks don’t create jobs, because corporations don’t pay their fair share.” Well, if the proof is in the pudding, then liberals must be eating some really sour Jell-O this morning. After a bombshell report just hit the news cycle surrounding the surge in tax receipts (totaling a whopping $200 million) attributed largely to economic development spurred by sound fiscal policy, liberals are strangely silent on the subject of higher taxes. The cause and effect relationship here isn’t that hard to comprehend, and the effect is clear: since Governor Paul LePage has taken…

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