Author: Garrett Murch

Garrett Murch currently serves as communications and political director of the Maine Republican Party. A native of Windsor, Maine and a graduate of Cony High School and the University of Vermont, Murch began work for then-Senator Olympia J. Snowe upon graduation. He then worked for the Heritage Foundation,, and managed the congressional campaign of Jason Levesque to represent Maine's Second Congressional District in 2010. Following that election, Murch returned to D.C. where he spent over five years as communications advisor to then-Senator and now Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Murch went on to be senior editor for Laura Ingraham's startup online publication, LifeZette. Upon moving home to Maine in early 2017, Murch worked in Gov. Paul LePage's Office of Policy and Management before beginning his current position with the Maine Republican Party.

If you only listened to Democrat politicians and their allied special interests, you wouldn’t know that the tax relief proposals being considered in Congress have many family-friendly, worker-friendly, and small business-friendly reforms to give us bigger paychecks. While the House and Senate versions are different and a compromise between the two must still be reached, let’s consider what they are offering. First, both bills — the one supported by Congressman Bruce Poliquin in the House and the one supported by Senator Susan Collins in the Senate — essentially double the benefit of the ‘standard deduction’. If this reform becomes law,…

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