What's on Tap for the Second Session


The Second Session of Maine’s 125th Legislature convenes in January, and we’ve got a rundown of the bills on tap for consideration.

Bills Carried Over from First Session:

Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

LD: 362 – Resolve, Directing the Department of Conservation To Acquire    an Easement To Provide Access to the Dead River.  McCabe

LD: 1109 – Resolve, To Target Job Creation in the Agricultural Sector To  Improve the Stability and Economic Strength of Rural Maine. McCabe

LD: 1120 – An Act To Move the Land for Maine’s Future Program to the  Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources. Moulton

Appropriations and Financial Affairs

LD: 63 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Repair the Mountain Division Rail Line. Diamond, Plummer

LD: 111 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Large scale Marketing and Research and Development for Bulk Sales of Maine Seafood Worldwide. Kumiega

LD: 225 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue in the Amount of $50,000,000 To Fund Research and Development. Rector, Cain

LD: 263 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Construction of a Marine Technology Incubator Facility at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Russell

LD: 359 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Wastewater and Drinking Water Revolving Loan Funds. Flood, Goodall

LD: 381 – An Act To Establish a New Method of Determining the State Budget. Ayotte, Raye

LD: 399 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund LifeFlight. Collins, Martin J.

LD: 409 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Research and Development for Technology Advancement. Cain, Rector

LD: 417 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Improve Rail Lines in Western Maine. Craven, Rotundo

LD: 420 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Building a Container Port on Sears Island. Thomas, Peoples

LD: 470 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Complete Renovation of a Bulkhead at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Clark H, Alfond

LD: 513 – RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of To More Equitably Fund the Liabilities of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System. Saviello

LD: 565 – An Act To Provide Funding for the World Acadian Congress. Jackson, Martin J

LD: 741 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Invest in Water and Sewer Infrastructure To Protect Public Health and To Facilitate the Expansion and Growth of Business. Alfond

LD: 777 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Expand Necessary Capital Improvements at the University of Maine System That Support the Critical Disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math To Enhance Economic Development and Employment Opportunities for Maine Citizens. Cain, Rector

LD: 807 – An Act To Repeal the Bonding Authority of the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority. Waterhouse, Rosen R

LD: 829 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Invest in Transportation, Broadband Infrastructure, Downtown Revitalization, Land for Maine’s Future and Training Facilities in Labor Market Areas with Higher than Average Unemployment for Tourism-related Training. McCabe

LD: 842 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Research and Sustainable Development of Maine’s Natural Resources. Hunt, Jackson

LD: 851 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Invest inRailroads To Reduce the Cost of Shipping to Maine Businesses, Attract Tourists to Maine and Facilitate the Development of Commuter Rail Transportation To Reduce the Use of Oil in Maine. Hobbins, Hogan

LD: 852 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Natural Resource-based Economy. Trahan, Cain

LD: 874 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Educational Opportunities for Underserved Regions of the State. Alfond, Wagner

LD: 894 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Invest in Highway and Bridge Infrastructure To Meet the Needs of the Business Sector and To Create Jobs. Diamond

LD: 919 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Weatherize and Upgrade the Energy Efficiency of Maine Homes and Businesses and To Provide for a Trained Workforce for Maine’s Energy Future. Hinck

LD: 948 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Create Jobs through Energy Efficiency. Bartlett

LD: 979 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Create an Animal and Plant Diagnostic Facility at the University of Maine. Edgecomb, Sherman

LD: 990 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue in the Amount of $1,000,000 for Road and Bridge Construction. Patrick, Crockett

LD: 1187 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Revitalize Maine’s Downtowns through Innovative Business Development and Creative Economy. Sullivan, Casavant

LD: 1240 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Reduce the Cost of Government through Energy Efficiency. Fitts

LD: 1386 – An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund the Challenger Learning Center of Maine. Stevens, Farnham

LD: 1395 – An Act To Authorize a Highway Fund Bond Issue To Improve Maine’s Roads and Bridges. Cebra

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

LD: 648 – An Act To Prohibit Organized Retail Theft. Plummer

LD: 1088 – An Act Regarding the Writing of Bad Checks. Martin T

LD: 1095 – An Act To Facilitate the Construction and Operation of Private Prisons by Authorizing the Transport of Prisoners out of State. Thomas, Davis

LD: 1143 – An Act To Require That Law Enforcement Officials Collect DNA Samples from Persons Arrested for Certain Crimes. Maloney

LD: 1514 – An Act To Amend the Sex Offender Registration Laws Education and Cultural Affairs. Haskell, Gerzofsky

Education and Cultural Affairs

LD: 98 – Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Education To Adopt a Policy Regarding Management of Head Injuries in Youth Sports. Pilon, Alfond

LD: 627 – An Act To Expand the Capacity of York County Community College. Beliveau, Langley

LD: 675 – An Act To Establish Multidistrict Online Classes in Maine. Alfond, Richardson D

LD: 958 – Resolve, To Direct the Department of Education To Contract for an Independent Review of the Essential Programs and Services Model. Johnson P, Thomas

LD: 980 – An Act To Prohibit Cyberbullying in Public Schools. Pilon, Langley

LD: 1003 – An Act To Assist Maine Schools To Obtain Federal Funds for Medically Necessary Services. Edgecomb, Sherman

LD: 1237 – An Act To Prohibit Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools. Morrison, Bartlett

LD: 1316 – An Act To Expand Magnet Schools in Maine. Lovejoy

LD: 1422 – An Act To Prepare Maine People for the Future Economy. Langley, Cain

LD: 1503 – An Act To Promote School Attendance and Increase School Achievement. Alfond

Energy, Utilities and Technology

LD: 425 – An Act To Stimulate Demand for Renewable Resources. Rosen R, Rosen K

LD: 935 – An Act To Create Fair and Open Competition in Line Extension Construction. Guerin

Environment and Natural Resources

LD: 693 – An Act Concerning Solid Waste Facility Citizen Advisory Committees. Duchesne

LD: 781 – An Act To Establish Flushability Standards for Consumer Products Advertised as Flushable. Walsh Innes

LD: 879 – An Act To Ensure Adequate Landfill Capacity in the State for Solid Waste. Curtis, Whittmore

LD: 1278 – An Act To Stabilize Solid Waste Management Funding. Duchesne

LD: 1412 – An Act To Promote the Proper Disposal of Used Medical Sharps. Walsh Innes

LD: 1458 – An Act To Transfer Recycling Technical Assistance and Solid Waste Policy Responsibilities from the State Planning Office to the Department of Environmental Protection. Moulton, Sullivan

Health and Human Services

LD: 612 – An Act To Provide Reimbursement for Medication Therapy Management Services. Rector, Fitts

LD: 646 – Resolve, To Improve Communication Regarding and the Coordination of Care for Children Who Are Prescribed Antipsychotic Medications. Welsh, Craven

LD: 806 – An Act To Provide Public Access to Price Lists of Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Facilities. Berry, Langley

LD: 897 – An Act To Amend the Application Process for the Progressive Treatment Program. Hill

LD: 936 – An Act To Conform Maine Menu Labeling Laws to Federal Standards. Strang Burgess, McCormick

LD: 1114 – An Act To Improve Preventive Dental Health Care and Reduce Future Avoidable Costs. Strang Burgess, Craven

LD: 1115 – Resolve, To Review Oversight and Advisory Responsibilities Related to Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Strang Burgess, Alfond

LD: 1364 – An Act To Improve the Quality and Reduce the Cost of Health. Fitts, Raye

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

LD: 213 – An Act To Provide Funding for the Fish Stocking Program. Thibodeau, Davis

LD: 274 – An Act To Increase the Moose Permit Allocations for Zones 2 and 3. Jackson, Martin J

LD: 372 – An Act To Reduce Deer Predation. Martin J, Jackson

LD: 637 – An Act To Increase the Amount Tagging Agents Receive for Tagging Game. Black

LD: 1242 – An Act To Restore the Deer Herd in Certain Wildlife Management Districts in Maine. Burns DC, Trahan

LD: 1327 – Resolve, To Study the Organization of the Fisheries Management Activities of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and Make Recommendations To Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness. Flemings, Trahan

LD: 1408 – An Act To Amend Water Quality Standards for Fish Hatcheries – Trahan, Cushing

Insurance and Financial Services

LD: 882 – An Act To Limit Health Care Mandates. Richardson W

LD: 1030 – An Act To Reduce Costs for Small Businesses. Eves, Brannigan

LD: 1179 – An Act To Require Advance Review and Approval of Certain Small Group Health Insurance Rate Increases and To Implement the Requirements of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Goode, Brannigan

LD: 1497 – An Act To Comply with the Health Insurance Exchange Provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. McKane, Whittemore

LD: 1498 – An Act To Phase Out Dirigo Health and Establish the Maine Health Benefit Exchange for Small Businesses and Individuals. Treat, Brannigan


LD: 145 – An Act To Protect Homeowners Subject to Foreclosure by Requiring the Foreclosing Entity To Provide the Court with Original Documents. Beavers

LD: 324 – An Act To Authorize Parents with Power of Attorney To Make Decisions Regarding the Education of Their Adult Children.  Kent, Alfond

LD: 419 – An Act To Ensure the Payment of Survivor Benefits to Certain Children. Rosen R

LD: 651 – An Act To Improve Tribal-State Relations. Priest, Bliss

LD: 978 – An Act To Amend the Probate Code Regarding Powers of Attorney Education of Children and Guardianship. Stevens, Rosen R

LD: 1377 – An Act To Adopt the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act. Sanborn, Brannigan

LD: 1465 – An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Freedom of Access. Rosen R

LD: 1530 – An Act To Amend the Housing Provisions of the Maine Human Rights Act. Hastings

LD: 1546

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Deference Afforded to Agency Decisions. Plowman, Fitts

Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development

LD: 309 – An Act To Make Voluntary Membership in a Public Employee Labor Organization in the State. Winsor, Snowe-Mello

LD: 323 – An Act To Implement a Coordinated Strategy To Attract New Businesses, Expand Existing Businesses and Develop a Consistent and Recognizable Maine Brand. Volk, Rector

LD: 384 – An Act To Provide Incentives To Foster Economic Growth and Build Infrastructure in the State. Picchiotti, Whittemore

LD: 765 – An Act To Address the Documented Educational and Rehabilitation Needs of Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired. Davis, Thibodeau

LD: 771 – An Act To Establish the St. John Valley Regional Planning Commission. Ayotte, Jackson

LD: 955 – An Act To Establish the Dental Adjudicatory Panel. Rector, Prescott

LD: 1207 – An Act To Amend the Labor Laws Relating to Certain Agricultural Employees. Crafts, Mason

LD: 1314 – An Act To Standardize the Definition of “Independent Contractor.” Tilton, Plowman

LD: 1383 – An Act To Improve the Process by Which Logging Contractors Hire Legal Foreign Workers. Saviello

LD: 1437 – An Act To Implement Recommendations on Reinventing Government. Woodbury, Volk

LD: 1451 – An Act To Create Transparency and Accountability in Economic Development Subsidies. Russell

LD: 1571 – An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Workers’ Compensation. Cushing, Courtney

Marine Resources

LD: 1579 – An Act To Amend the Lobster Promotion Council Rules. Snowe-Mello

SP0237 – Joint Order Proposing an Amendment to the Joint Rules Regarding Fiscal Notes. Alfond

HP1080 – Joint Order, To Amend the Joint Rules To Eliminate Concept Drafts. Treat

HP1049 – Joint Order, To Amend the Joint Rules To Require Review of a Proposal To Create a New Crime or Enhance an Existing Criminal Penalty. Haskell, Gerzofsky

HP0122 – Joint Order, To Amend the Joint Rules To Permit Committees To Add Cosponsors to Bills. Cornell Du Houx

LD: 1335 – An Act Relating to the Authority of the Legislative Council over the Fiscal Note Process. Alfond

State and Local Government

LD: 287 – An Act To Provide Savings to the State by Contracting Out Certain Services. Winsor

LD: 543 – An Act To Protect Legislative Intent in Rulemaking. Prescott, Goodall

LD: 769 – An Act To Review the Functions of the State Planning Office. Moulton, Rector

LD: 1550 – An Act To Change Document Filing Fees for County Registries of Deeds. Moulton, Collins


LD: 52 – An Act To Dedicate a Percentage of the Sales and Use Tax on Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Parts to the Highway Fund. Cebra, Thomas

LD: 234 – An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption to Commercial Horticulturists. Harvell

LD: 305 – RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Allow Land and Buildings To Be Assessed Differently. Chipman

LD: 590 – An Act To Require Certain Changes to Sales and Use Tax Policy Application or Practice. Chase, Sherman

LD: 835 – An Act To Strengthen Maine’s Economy through Improvements to the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit. Knight, Snowe-Mello

LD: 849 – An Act To Provide Tax Relief for Maine’s Citizens by Reducing Income Taxes. Trahan, Knight

LD: 876 – An Act To Convert Vacant Commercial Property to Occupied Commercial Property. Bennett

LD: 1138 – An Act To Prevent Unnecessary Expulsion of Landowners from the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law Program. Knight, Langley

LD: 1164 – An Act To Support Maine Farms and Alleviate Hunger. Dion, Alfond

LD: 1225 – An Act To Create an Income Tax Return Checkoff To Fund Cancer Screening, Detection and Prevention. Strang Burgess, Raye

LD: 1470 – An Act To Ensure Harvesting of Timber on Land Taxed under the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law Raye, Maker

LD: 1535 – An Act Relating to Fiscal Notes on Proposed Legislation. Knight, Trahan


LD: 198 – An Act To Update Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Laws. Cebra, Thomas

LD: 697 – An Act To Provide Funding for the Maine Gateway Bridges. Beavers, Hill

LD: 1064 – Resolve, To Expand the Scope of the Study of Existing Highway Infrastructure and Future Capacity Needs West of Route 1 in York and Cumberland Counties Being Conducted by the Department of Transportation and the Maine Turnpike Authority. Tuttle, Collins

LD: 1124 – An Act To Authorize the Use of Traffic Surveillance Cameras To Prove and Enforce Violations of Overtaking and Passing School Buses. Cebra, Collins

LD: 1367 – An Act To Restore Maine’s Secondary Roads. Thomas, Cebra

 Veterans and Legal Affairs

LD: 120 – An Act To End Taxpayer-funded Campaigns for Gubernatorial Candidates. Clark T

LD: 199 – An Act To Strengthen Maine’s Election Laws by Requiring Photograph Identification for the Purpose of Voting. Cebra, Snowe-Mello

LD: 227 – An Act Relating to the Establishment of Casinos. Valentino

LD: 896 – An Act To Adopt the Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act. Farnham, Katz

LD: 905 – An Act To Improve Maine’s Liquor Distribution System. Fitts

LD: 1150 – An Act To Improve the Administration of the Legislative Ethics Laws. Farnham

LD: 1262 – An Act To Increase Penalties for Certain Violations of the Campaign Reports and Financing Laws. Bliss

LD: 1469 – An Act To Permit Video Gaming for Money Conducted by Nonprofit Organizations. Fitts

LD: 1523 – An Act To Improve the Maine Clean Election Act. Patrick


Bills Approved by the Legislative Council

LR: 2506 – An Act To Remove the $100 Fee Required When Reporting Fertilizer and Agricultural Liming Materials Tonnage. Libby

LR: 2509 – An Act To Authorize the Registration of Farmland in 2012 and 2013. Saviello

LR: 2516 – An Act To Help Promote Farming in Maine by Limiting the Liability of “Pick Your  Own” Farms. Libby

LR: 2615 – An Act To Exempt Maple Sugar Houses from the 1,000-foot Setback Requirement of the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission. Black

LR: 2594 – An Act To Amend Provisions Limiting the Return to Work after Retirement by Teachers, School Employees and State Employees. Hill

LR: 2373 – An Act To Provide Funding To Operate the Dolby Landfill in East Millinocket. Clark

LR: 2656 – An Act To Provide for an Advisory Referendum on the Approval of Tax-exempt Student Loan Revenue Bonds. Raye


LR: 2644 – An Act To Mandate the Use of Standardized Risk Assessment in the Management of Domestic Violence Crimes. Cain

LR: 2440 – An Act To Establish a Pilot Program as an Alternative to the Drug Court. Stevens

LR: 2397 – An Act To Impose a Penalty for Making False Claims Regarding Affiliation with a Federally Recognized Tribe. Soctomah

LR: 2308 – An Act To Establish or Increase Criminal Penalties for Failure To Report a Missing or Deceased Child. Blodgett

LR: 2310 – An Act To Increase to a Class C Crime the Failure To Report a Missing Child within 24 Hours. Olsen

LR: 2324 – An Act To Prohibit Verbal Sexual Solicitation of a Minor. Hobbins

LR: 2473 – An Act To Define, Prevent and Suppress Gang Activity in the State. Volk

LR: 2470 – An Act To Rescue Children Who Are Being Sexually Abused and To Make Improvements to the Sex Offender Registry and the Computer Crimes Unit. Diamond

LR: 2605 – An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Stalking and Domestic Violence. Garrett

LR: 2333 – An Act To Amend the Maine Bail Code To Protect Victims of Domestic Violence. Fredette

LR: 2401 – An Act To Ensure Equal Treatment of Juvenile Case Records. Haskell

LR: 2386 – An Act Regarding Inmates on Public Works Projects. Clarke

LR: 2377 – An Act To Better Provide Notification to Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking When Defendants Make Bail. Casavant

LR: 2424 – An Act To Amend the Law Relating to Concealed Firearms Locked in Vehicles. Crafts

LR: 2436 – An Act To Modify the Alternative Organizational Structure Budget Approval Process. Burns, David C

LR: 2327 – Resolve, To Amend the Resolve Establishing a Task Force on Franco-Americans. Fredette

LR: 2531 – An Act To Update the Laws Concerning the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. Ayotte

LR: 2380 – An Act To Enforce Prompt Payment to Career and Technical Education Regions. Gifford

LR: 2382 – An Act Regarding the School Fund in the Town of Burlington. Turner

LR: 2400 – An Act To Improve the Budget Approval and Validation Process. Snowe-Mello

LR: 2618 – An Act To Clarify Municipal Budget Requirements within an Alternative Organizational Structure. Raye

LR: 2646 – An Act To Prevent Cost Increases in Health Care for Rural Maine School Districts. Cain

LR: 2607 – An Act To Encourage Parental Involvement in Education. Alfond

LR: 2635 – An Act To Restructure the National Board Certification Program for Teachers. Alfond

LR: 2533 – An Act To Improve the Readiness of Maine High School. Alfond

LR: 2433 – An Act To Reduce Open Burning in Community Neighborhoods. Courtney

LR: 2513 – An Act To Refine the Definition of  “Person Aggrieved” in Proceedings before the Department of Environmental Protection and the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission. Saviello

LR: 2357 – An Act To Improve Well Water Testing at Licensed Child Care Facilities. Sirocki

LR: 2511 – An Act To Clarify Site Location Exemptions for Previously Developed Sites. Saviello

LR: 2514 – An Act To Facilitate the Use of Alternative Biomedical Waste Treatment Devices. Saviello

LR: 2350 – An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Extraction of Water from Great Ponds for Purposes of Generating Energy. Sarty

LR: 2632 – An Act To Support Maine’s Biomass and Forest Products Industries. Fitts

LR: 2619 – An Act To Increase Energy Options. Raye

LR: 2489 – An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Electric Industry Restructuring. Sherman

LR: 2589 – An Act To Expand the Availability of Natural Gas to Maine Residents. Katz

LR: 2348 – An Act To Create Efficiency in E-9-1-1 Call Centers. Thibodeau

LR: 2434  – An Act To Amend the Charter of the Ogunquit Sewer District. Hill

LR: 2528 – An Act To Amend the Charter of the Veazie Sewer District. Parker

LR: 2501 – An Act To Create the New Gloucester Water District. Espling

LR: 2426 – An Act To Conform Maine’s Prescription Privacy Laws with the United States Constitution. McCormick

LR: 2544 – An Act To Restrict Further the Amount of Methamphetamine Precursors That May Be Bought or Sold. Willette

LR: 2614 – An Act Relating to False Claims under the Medicaid Program. Gifford

LR: 2640 – An Act To Improve Accountability Concerning Travel Reimbursement under MaineCare. Burns, David C

LR: 2645- An Act To Ensure Access to Prescription Drugs in Rural Maine by Ensuring Fairness in Reimbursement for Mail Order Pharmacies. Cain

LR: 2630 – An Act To Clarify the Status of Patients Held under Involuntary Commitment Applications. Moulton

LR: 2572 – An Act To Permit Financial Institutions To Share Certain Information for the Purpose of Preventing Electronic Bank Card Losses. Richardson

LR: 2486 – An Act To Require Funds for Prearranged Funerals To Be Invested Subject to the Requirements of the Maine Uniform Prudent Investor Act. Richardson

LR: 2453 – An Act Regarding Subrogation of Medical Payments Coverage. Picchiotti

LR: 2319 – An Act To Change Certain Effective Dates Regarding Guaranteed Access and the Purchase of Health Insurance from outside Maine. Courtney

LR: 2398 – An Act To Restore Supplemental Health Insurance Coverage for Disadvantaged Children of State Retirees. Sarty

LR: 2448 – An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Health Insurance for Certain State Employees. Martin

LR: 2522 – An Act To Clarify Health Insurance Benefits for Disabled Participants in the Maine Public Employees Retirement System. Katz

LR: 2535 – An Act To Repeal the Authority for an Insurer To Vary the Premium Rate Based on Geographic Area. Martin

LR: 2596 – An Act To Correct Inconsistencies and Ambiguities in the Maine Guaranteed Access Reinsurance Association Act. Richardson

LR: 2612 – An Act Related to Specialty Tiers in Prescription Medication Pricing. Fitts

LR: 2485 – An Act To Permit a Pre-need Life Insurance Product and Limited License for Payment of Prearranged Funeral Plans. McKane

LR: 2387  – An Act To Extend Certain Insurance Protection to Emergency Responders. Luchini

LR: 2569 – An Act Regarding Insurance Adjusters. Cushing III

LR: 2369 – An Act To Extend the Scope of the Maine Guaranteed Access Reinsurance Association. Courtney


LR: 2484 – An Act To Sustain the Elver Fishery. Tilton

LR: 2521 – An Act To Ensure a Reliable Funding Stream for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Raye

LR: 2422 – An Act To Strengthen the Relationship between Land Users and Landowners. Cushing III

LR: 2503 – An Act To Provide Magistrates To Assist the Court in Handling Small Claims and Landlord-tenant Cases. Priest

LR: 2439 – An Act To Remove Redundancy in Child Custody Laws. Schneider

LR: 2444 – An Act To Clarify the Requirements of Income Withholding Orders. Nass

LR: 2651 – An Act To Protect the Privacy of Social Workers. Hayes

LR: 2425 – An Act To Facilitate Recovery of Debts Owed to the State for Indigent Legal Services. Hastings III

LR: 2404 – An Act To Clarify Authorization for a Court Facilities Bond. Hastings III

LR: 2661 – An Act To Amend the Uniform Commercial Code Regarding Motor Vehicle Warranties. Cushing III

LR: 2446 – An Act To Protect Gasoline Marketers from Liability for Selling Federally Mandated Gasoline. Hastings III

LR: 2405 – An Act To Prevent the Theft and Illegal Sale of Copper. Longstaff

LR: 2658 – An Act To Provide Additional In-store Advertising Space for Maine’s Businesses. Prescott

LR: 2659 – An Act To Conform Maine Law to Federal Law Regarding Payment of Overtime to Truck Drivers and Driver’s Helpers. O’Conner

LR: 2647 – Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Facilitate the Development of Unoccupied Mills. Hobbins

LR: 2649 – Resolve, To Create the Task Force To Bolster and Expand Exports of Maine Products and Services. Hobbins

LR: 2332 – An Act To Provide That Persons Hiring Assistants To Provide Home Care for Relatives Are Not Employers for Purposes of Unemployment Compensation Laws. Waterhouse

LR: 2378 – An Act Relating To Determining Population for Purposes of the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code. Richardson

LR: 2636 – An Act To Clarify the Liability of 3rd-party Building Inspectors. Moulton

LR: 2620 – An Act To Preserve the Integrity of the Maine Certified Public Accountant Examination. Cushing III

LR: 2539 – An Act To Define the Term “Pharmacy Student Intern.” Nutting

LR: 2580 – An Act To Allow for the Timely Access to and Enhanced Administration of Injectable Medications, Biologicals, Immunizations and Vaccines. Strang Burgess

LR: 2652 – Resolve, Directing the Workers’ Compensation Board To Revise the Medical Fee Schedule To Use an Appropriate Conversion Factor in the Payment of  Anesthesia Services. Prescott

LR: 2604 – Resolve, Directing the Department of Marine Resources To Examine the Role of 3rd-party Laboratories in Conducting Testing for the Department. Snowe-Mello

LR: 2488 – An Act To Establish a Program To Certify Maine Shellfish. Langley

LR: 2421 – An Act Concerning Copying Fees for Users of County Registries of Deeds. Thomas

LR: 2334 – An Act To Allow the Adjutant General To Appear before a Joint Session of the Legislature To Address the Legislature. Fredette

LR: 2515 – An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Discontinued Town Ways. Saviello

LR: 2329 – An Act To Amend the Charter of the Lucerne-in-Maine Village Corporation. Rosen

LR: 2512 – An Act To Require Agencies and Their Legal Representatives To Report the Cost of Pursuing Actions in Administrative and Court Proceedings. Plowman

LR: 2331 – An Act To Promote POW/MIA Recognition Day. Turner

LR: 2339 – An Act To Limit Taxes on Pensions. Maloney

LR: 2575 – An Act To Create Excise Tax Equity and Consistency for Buses. Knapp

LR: 2650 – An Act To Ensure Tax Equity between Maine Residents and Nonresidents in the Sale of Real Estate. Hayes

LR: 2447 – An Act To Ensure Equal Tax Treatment for Providers of Residential Care to the Elderly and Disabled. Harmon

LR: 2507 – An Act To Amend the Circuitbreaker Program. Plowman

LR: 2526 – An Act To Amend the Law Governing Abatements of Property Taxes for Infirmity or Poverty. Keschl

LR: 2603 – An Act To Restore Equity in Revenue Sharing . Alfond

LR: 2305 – An Act To Amend the Law Regarding the Sale of Wood Pellets. McKane

LR: 2487 – An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Electricity for Thermal Storage Heating Power. Courtney

LR: 2519 – An Act To Promote Jobs in the Motor Coach Industry by Providing a Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Buses. Raye

LR: 2520 – An Act To Make Fisheries and Wildlife Projects Eligible for Tax Increment Financing Funds. Raye

LR: 2438 – An Act To Increase Truck Weight Limits. Schneider

LR: 2454 – An Act To Clarify the Definition of “Tractor” under the Motor Vehicle Laws. Whittemore

LR: 2592 – An Act To Revise Motor Vehicle Inspection Laws with Regard to Tire Sizes. Martin

LR: 2606 – An Act To Modernize Maine’s Vehicle Inspection Program. Mason

LR: 2336 – An Act To Allow Disabled Veterans To Receive Two Sets of Special Designating License Plates. Katz

LR: 2468 – An Act To Remove a Barrier to Response by Emergency Medical Personnel. Sullivan

LR: 2316 – Resolve, To Name 2 Bridges in the Town of Harmony. Thomas

LR: 2390 – An Act To Restrict Spending on a Bridge on the Ricker Hill Road in the Town of Turner. Timberlake

LR: 2598 – An Act To Allow Signs along Interstate 95 for the Town of Kittery and Its Businesses and Establishments.  Hill

LR: 2410 – Resolve, To Name Route 1-A between Brewer and Ellsworth the Korean War Veterans Highway. Rosen, Kimberly

LR: 2574 – An Act To Simplify Toll Discounts and Amend Certain Powers and Procedures of the Maine Turnpike Authority. Collins

LR: 2411 – An Act To Amend the Liquor Laws as They Pertain to Off-premises Catering at Planned Events or Gatherings. Harmon

LR: 2655 – An Act To Correct Errors in Recently Enacted Laws Governing Agency Liquor Stores. Plowman

LR: 2441 – An Act To Restore Election Day Voter Registration. Russell

LR: 2479 – An Act To Reinstate Same-day Voter Registration. Bolduc

LR: 2384 – An Act To Clarify the Process of Removal of a Person from a Dormitory or Residential Facility Operated by a Charitable or Philanthropic Organization. Hastings III

LR: 2326 – Resolve, To Establish a Stakeholder Group for the Development of a Plan for the Inventory and Proper Care of Veterans’ Graves. Raye

LR: 2346 – An Act To Enhance a Community’s Ability To Update Its Veterans Honor Roll. Johnson



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