Cianchette says no to senate race


According to sources, Peter Cianchette has taken his name out of the running for the U.S. senate race. Cianchette was starting to be the figure the GOP regulars were coalescing around, which means the nomination is now completely up for grabs.

The reality-based field of potential candidates looks basically like this right now:

  • Kevin Raye
  • Bruce Poliquin
  • Bill Schneider
  • Charlie Summers
  • Steve Abbott

Abbott also appears to be hedging, and sources say his entry is not likely.

Word on the street is that Scott D’Amboise is still significantly short of signatures to even get in the race. With the onslaught of new contenders, this will become even more challenging for him.

Also emerging from the scrum is the call for GOP National Committeeman Rick Bennett to consider the seat. Bennett would float to the top of the pack if he engaged, no word on any interest from him at this point.