Press Herald runs another pro-Obamacare 'article'


John Richardson, the health care reporter for Donald Sussman’s MaineToday Media papers, has another slanted article about the Obamacare court case in today’s papers. Here’s the fair-and-balanced lead:

Rachel Sukeforth of Litchfield would be sorry to see the Affordable Care Act go away.

She was 25 when the federal law took effect in 2010, and a provision in the law allowed her to enroll in her mother’s health insurance plan. It was good timing. A medical exam showed pre-cancerous cells on the lining of her cervix. She had surgery to remove them.

“The insurance covered the procedure,” Sukeforth said. “I wouldn’t have been able to afford that.”

John Richardson is one of the reporters that accepted funding from a pro-Obamacare group (the Maine Health Access Foundation) to participate in a 9-day fellowship in Boston to learn how to properly report on health care. Below is a photo of Richardson with his classmates at Fenway Park, courtesy of the Maine Health Access Foundation.