Maine Supreme Court declines to offer opinion on Democrat charges against Poliquin


The Maine supreme court ruled today that there was “no solemn occasion” in the complaint filed against Treasurer Poliquin. “We respectfully decline to answer any of the three questions presented,” continued the opinion of the Supreme Court justices.

The ruling came after amicus briefs were offered on both sides of the issue, including a brief against Poliquin by house democrats and a brief filed in favor of Poliquin by the Maine Heritage Policy Center.

The Treasurer has been the subject of attacks by democrats in recent weeks, who claim Poliquin was involved in running his businesses while he was treasurer. The Maine constitution doesn’t allow the Treasurer to “engage in commerce” while in office.

Treasurer Poliquin agreed with the courts ruling and also reiterated his dedication to his work as Treasurer.

“I am very pleased that the Maine Supreme Court, by its decision issued today, determined that the questions and issues presented to it regarding the personal investments of the State Treasurer did not rise to the level of significance or importance sufficient to warrant the Court’s further attention or involvement,” Poliquin said.

“I have and continue to extend my full energy and attention without any conflict of interest to my job as State Treasurer, an office which I am greatly honored to hold.”

Poliquin also made it clear he believes the entire complaint has been driven by politics.

“I believe the people of Maine understand that this is essentially a political matter raised by Maine Democratic Party officials and legislators. I further hope that the Maine Democratic Party and its surrogates will end their unsubstantiated and unjustified attacks as I continue to ask tough questions about wasteful government spending on behalf of the hard-working Maine taxpayers.

Democrat Representative Mark Dion has been the most critical voice against Poliquin, indicated that he isn’t taking the Supreme Court’s decision as a final verdict. It’s unclear what, if any, options the democrat and his allies have in their pursuit of action against Poliquin.

House Speaker Robert Nutting said in a statement that he was please the matter has been dealt with.

“I am not surprised by the Maine Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter concerning the state treasurer. Earlier this session, when these questions were first raised, the Legislature sent the Court a series of questions that focused on what the Maine Constitution says about a state treasurer’s business dealings. It appears to me that the justices gave careful consideration to these questions. The Court does not see this issue as a solemn occasion, because it doesn’t impact any pending legislation. I am glad that this matter has been put to rest.”

2012 ME 49OJ