Bruce Poliquin first to TV in Senate race


Republican candidate for Senate Bruce Poliquin launched a TV ad today, becoming the first one in the race to be on the air.


  1. Bruce would be a great U.S. Senator. He has saved Maine taxpayers millions and is fighting to help Maine grow. He is brilliant and unlike King (neither wheat nor chaff) has high moral standards and will do the right thing for Maine day in and day out. He deserves our support and it is up to the second district to  get out the vote and insure his election this fall.

     Dudley Gray

  2. Bruce Poliquin is our best hope for a dynamic leader for Maine in the US Senate. His record of achievement as Maine’s state treasurer speaks for it self. He rolled up his sleeves and drilled down into the corruption, waste and fraud in the MTA, MSHA and the MSEA, saving taxpayers over a billion dollars and orchestrating Maine’s biggest tax relief in history.

    There is no doubt that he will do the same in Washington and make us all proud with his transparency and ability to voice his positions in the mainstream media. People must know more about the same types of problems in Washington that he has revealed in Maine… and the correct courses of action to remedy them. Again, Bruce Poliquin will make Maine citizens proud and will be good for the future of our state.

    He must win the nomination first and will need every republican voter’s support to win an overwhelming victory before taking it to Angus King. Then when facing King he will have the facts, experience and knowledge to win the debate and ultimately the Senate seat bringing a true conservative to DC.

    epye, your comment makes no sense at all. 

  3. What did he do to save Maine’s “pension debt”?

    Why did he not speak about all his ethical issues?

    Why is he ducking all the debates?

    Seems like he’s real good at handing it out, but when it comes to taking it, he’s a coward….

  4. I feel as the comments show he has little chance of success. And will call negative attention to the party!

  5. Poliquin best candidate; highest work ethic. So-called baggage will be lost in transit to DC. Facts are Ethics Commission cleared him by overwhelming 4-1 majority; Maine Supreme Court refused to take up issue. He is not ducking debates and will debate this Friday. He can only be in one place at once; honors all his commitments on a first-come, first-served basis.


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