Maine Wire story on Dem Rep causes media storm


The Maine Wire reported yesterday on Maine Democrat state representative Chuck Kruger’s Twitter comments, saying he would like to see former Vice President Dick Cheney executed, and that he hoped it would be televised. Click here to to read the story >>

Our story has sparked a media storm. The Drudge Report linked our story, which produced so much traffic it temporarily crashed our site. Since then, we’ve been linked by The Daily Caller, the Washington Examiner, and many other national political websites.

Kruger, who denied remembering the tweet when we spoke with him this morning, has since made two fairly different statements. On Dirigo Blue’s weekly radio program, Kruger apologized for his statements. But to the Daily Caller, he blamed The Maine Wire for twisting his comments.

“I do not wish for the death of Dick Cheney or anyone. I did NOT call for his execution, that was an absolute smear from an organization dedicated to damaging Democrats. I did make a lousy attempt at humor, and I regret that.”

In Kruger’s radio interview, he inexplicably made the statement, “I wish we could have fun with this.”

The Maine Republican Party sent out an email this afternoon calling for Kruger to resign his seat in the legislature.

“Kruger’s statements are outrageous, and have no place in our political discourse. To add insult to injury, Kruger is the co-chair of the Moderate Caucus!

Imagine if a Republican had made such statements about an elected official?

We can’t sit back and take this. It’s time for the GOP to fight back against the growing extremism from Democrat political figures.

Chuck Kruger should resign immediately and apologize for his outrageous remarks.”

The Maine Wire will continue to report on this issue as details emerge.

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