Maine Energy Office offers Home Heating Cost Calculator


Governor Paul LePage announced today a new Energy Office website ( The website provides a home heating calculator as well as comprehensive information and data on energy issues, incentives, initiatives, reports, policies and costs.

The Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) mission is to create effective public and private partnerships that advance Maine’s energy security and economic development in an environmentally responsible manner.

The website offers an interactive Home Heating Calculator that allows consumers to estimate their average annual heating costs and presents the price impacts of various energy sources.

Director Kenneth Fletcher commented, “While it’s difficult to predict where prices will go, this is a good time for consumers to examine their needs regarding their expected heating finances and consumption for the upcoming winter.”

The Energy Office conducts a weekly survey of heating fuel prices beginning in October through mid-March. During the rest of the year as resources allow, the GEO releases a monthly update. These prices are updated for consumers in an easy-to-read table displayed on the GEO website.

“This website has been established to help inform Maine citizens. When clear, up-to-date information is easily accessible, it allows consumers to make better decisions that save them time and money,” stated Deputy Director Michael Barden.

The new website was created by the Governor’s Energy Office in partnership with the state’s e-government portal provider, InforME.

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  1. Great , another website showing how bad we are being hosed…How about a website laying out a BOLD plan on doing something about it ??? How beneficial a LNG port and pipelines delivering low cost natural gas to homes would be…How new dams with fish ladders work and don’t hurt the enviroment like Canada has..No let’s just re-arrange the deck chairs on a sinking ship…Sorta like putting a website up telling us who the perverts are and where they live instead of doing something about it…It’s the Maine way…

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