Wind projects bulldoze environmental concerns


This video from Energize Vermont reveals the destruction to the natural environment caused by the “Gold Rush” of wind-turbine projects. Similarly, the pristine environment along Maine’s mountaintops has been blasted, bulldozed and obliterated, all for insignificant gains in “renewable energy.”


  1. There is no environmental offset for the carbon absorbing habitat lost; no matter how many trees or vegetation is lost for roads, pads, and transmission lines the carbon credits remain the same.


  2. Hi!
    We recently had wind mills installed in Woodstock, Maine (Bryant Pond), and never realized that the mountain was being destroyed until I saw this film.
    Thank you!
    Lise from Maine

  3. Just go to the Citizens’ Taks Force on Wind Power and click on photos and videos to see documentation of the destruction of Maine’s mountains and ridges. Explore the wealth of information in the blog posts.
    Most candidates for the Maine legislature know little about wind and many simplistically parrot the wind industry’s propaganda. Help us educate the candidates, then put them on the spot to commit to repealing the heinous “Wind Law”, PL 661 that has given the rural parts of Maine over to unfettered exploitation by this favored industry. It is Baldacci’s despicable legacy.
    The attached photo is from Angus King’s Record Hill Wind boondoggle. The project, which produced just 22.57% of its capacity (FERC) in the 2nd quarter of this year, was awarded a ARRA Sec. 1603 cash grant of $33.7 million of taxpayer money. We should all be outraged!

  4. It was actually Angus “the carpetbagger” King that past legislation that required utilities to have a percentage of “renewable power” Then surprise! He was one of the biggest holders in windpower sucking up federal tax dollars by the millions for this crap, now it looks like the useless idiots are determined to vote this ultra leftist in as a misrepresentative form Maine. Wake up people King is the destruction of Maine!

  5. What a great documentary. It should be aired on all TV stations in the northeast, where every poor town has been told (or is going to be told) by the predatorial wind developers that they are the “Saudi Arabia of Wind!”


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