NRA Targets Angus King


NRA ad king
The National Rifle Association (NRA), the foremost defender of Second Amendment rights in the country, is running ads targeting Maine’s  junior senator.

The NRA’s Facebook ad asks Mainers to call Sen. Angus S. King, Jr., the un-enrolled Democrat of Brunswick who replaced former Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) last November, and urge him to oppose the “anti-Second Amendment agenda” of President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

NRA facebook King

Although King had a reputation as being an outdoorsman – and received the endorsement of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine – when he served two terms as governor, his senate campaign was buoyed through nearly one million dollars in donations from Bloomberg’s political action committee (PAC), Americans Elect.

Bloomberg, a prominent anti-gun zealot, gave $500,000 to the PAC on October 4. The PAC reportedly spent $800,000 in 2012 to help elect King. Bloomberg also held fundraisers in New York for King.

Bloomberg’s generosity to King might complicate the NRA’s effort to oppose Democrats’ push for more gun control.



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