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Blaine Richardson of Belfast, 63, is a small business owner and veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Richardson studied at Brandywine High School in Wilmington, Delaware and the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, before enlisting during the Vietnam War. After graduating from Naval Flight School in 1974, Richardson served in four military conflicts, including Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, before retiring at the rank of Captain in 2004. Richardson also served as the U.S. Naval Liaison Officer to the State of Maine during the terms of former Govs. Jack McKernan and Angus King.

As a civilian, Richardson worked for a decade in a family-owned greenhouse business before starting B. Richardson Company, a Belfast-based construction company that builds homes on Maine’s coast. Richardson’s first entry into politics came during the 2012 primary race for Maine’s Second Congressional District, when he faced off against Kevin Raye, whom he will face again in 2014. Despite spending just $53,167 on his campaign, compared to Raye’s $688,484, Richardson finished with 34 percent of the primary vote.

Richardson recently took some time to answer questions about his candidacy for The Maine Wire:

If elected, what would your priorities be in the U.S. Congress?

“First, pursue a sane and proper national security policy that eliminates the need to spy on American citizens, ends the terribly expensive war in Afghanistan, and that does not involve our nation in wars with allies like the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Syria.  The power to declare war belongs solely to congress, but the Executive Branch flaunts this aspect of Constitutional authority routinely, no matter which party is in power.  The Executive Branch needs to understand that they cannot secretly plan to commit our nation to war, while leaving Congress and the people in the dark.  I will vigorously fight against any further attempts to tear our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters away from Maine to fight in any more undeclared wars in the Middle East.

“Second, real cuts in spending. You will hear a lot during this campaign about “fiscal sanity”.  I am not sure what this term means to others in the race, but to me it means reducing spending to less than the previous year.  It does not mean cutting proposed increases to the rate of growth in 2020 or reducing future borrowing costs to make debt finance cheaper down the road.  When I say “cuts in spending”, I mean real cuts.

“I support eliminating the Department of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, HUD, Energy and other programs that are the tools of crony capitalism and no-bid contracts, and out of control bureaucracies.  By doing this, a budget can be established that protects funding for popular programs our citizens rely on, like Social Security, while also providing for tax relief.

“Another place to cut spending is our foreign policy.   As a 30-year Navy Veteran, I can tell you that our nation can no longer afford to spend one billion dollars a week in Afghanistan on an undeclared war that does nothing to further our national security.  When I am elected to Congress, I will fight for an immediate withdrawal of all American troops and resources from Afghanistan.  This will bring relief to taxpayers and hopefully bring healing to many American homes.

“Third, a moratorium on immigration, and the refugee programs.  Until the nation reaches 5% unemployment, it is not in the interest of working people to offer amnesty to illegal aliens, or take on more immigrants or refugees.  Amnesty and mass immigration is in the interest of Big Business, who seek to lower labor costs by depressing the wages of Mainers and American citizens, many of whom are already struggling and living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Mass immigration is also in the interest of Democrats, who see more clients for welfare services and don’t mind passing the social costs onto the local taxpayer.”

What do you bring to the table that the other GOP candidates do not?

“I am not from the political class; my family has roots in Maine that date back to 1634.  When I speak to lobstermen, home-schoolers, farmers, shopkeepers, working men and women, veterans groups, and I hear their grievances, I don’t have to first check with which interest or lobby that contributes to the party before I speak out on their cause.  Offending a powerful interest is of no consequence to me when I am working to represent Mainers.”

What do you think are the most serious challenges facing Maine and the United States?

“There is an entire economic class in the State of Maine that owes their careers and livelihood to federal money the citizens send the federal government in the form of income, estate, gas, excise, and on and on taxes, and it has corrupted our political culture entirely to the point that the grievances of everyday people are ignored and unaddressed by either party.

“Rather than speak to challenges for Maine, as District One seems to be doing just fine, the challenges to those of us in Northern Maine are manifold as our elected representatives refuse to act in our interest.

“For example, why hasn’t our national delegation pointed out that there is something insane about a heavily government subsidized Somalian community in Lewiston-Auburn?  That has to be addressed, someone has to do it.

“The Food Modernization and Safety Act of 2011 placed many unnecessary federal regulations on small Maine farms that have absolutely no history of making anyone sick.  This act, which was encouraged by big farming and their Crony-Capitalist relationship with the federal government, will cost small farmers tens of thousands of dollars in compliance and will put many farms out of business across our country.  The hard-working small farmers of Maine should be able to exercise their God-given rights to buy, sell, and produce without interference. The FMA needs to be repealed and I will introduce legislation to do just that if elected to Congress.

“Portland schools hand out birth control pills to kids as young as age 11.  I have no idea if this a popular thing in the South, but in CD-2, we have agents of the state trying to take a child away from his mother because she didn’t agree with a doctor.  If Southern Maine won’t fight for the citizens of Maine, we at least have to try and protect each other up our way.”

Why do you want to be a congressman?

“My country called and I answered, honorably serving during four conflicts over 30 years and retiring with the rank of Captain.  I served during the Cold War, and its merciful conclusion.  However, the runaway deficits, the Crony Capitalism, the Wall Street Bailouts, and the targeting of the vulnerable by government agencies compelled me to act one more time.

“What initially drove me to run for office was the passage of the [National Defense Authorization Act] in 2012.  This gave the military an awesome and terrible power to arrest and hold American citizens without trial.  I have too much love and respect for our military services to imagine how these institutions could be corrupted with such a power.

“The distance between the Ruling Class in Washington DC, and the Country Class, those of us out here in flyover country, has never been wider.  In order to address the major problems that await our children and grandchildren, someone has to speak for the Country Class.”

What makes you the best person to take on a Democrat in the general election?

“I am the only one who can credibly build a Left-Right/Republican-Democrat-Independent coalition that can win in a general election and be effective as a legislator.  I advocate for what I feel is in the best interests of Mainers and not what consultants, political parties, and special interests claim is in our best interests.  Like I stood with the local woman who ran afoul of DHHS and the USDA for giving her child goats milk (and they backed down), I am looking forward to standing with my fellow citizens of Maine in the future.”

S.E. Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter


  1. OK Blaine- for your fellowBelfast resident who is denied public information and a slew of rights and ordinance/law violations, Im requesting that you request the below from Belfast City Manager Joe Slocum and copy me(laurieallen55@msn.com) He must respond to you within 5 days copy me on all please. Offsite Drainage Study to watershed residents and final site conditions containing plowed snow removal (letter j) all specifics below. I posted this in our Republican Journal, you should have seen it there. If not here it is:
    POSTED BY: LAURIE LEE ALLEN | Oct 05, 2013 13:10
    Please- anyone-everyone, Kenneth- request to Joe Slocum jslocum@cityofbelfast.org under Maine Freedom of Information Act (Slocum has stated to me in writing that he accepts emails in lieu of the formal request) and copy me laurieallen55@msn.com for all documentation/records/studies/results for #6 below- The offsite drainage study of the OVERALL unnamed stream’s watershed per compliance of approval of the Belfast Community Elementary School aka CASS (Captain Albert Steven School). I have the full 17 page document dated 11/7/2002 from Ray Bolduc, WBRC Engineers to Mike Morse, Project Manager, MDEP “in response to Art Mcglaughlin’s and John Hopeck’s comments concerning stormwater management, erosion control, and groundwater for the proposed Belfast Community Elementary School.”
    City Planner, Wayne Marshall had removed vital storm water documents prior to my inspection of the files. After hours of stressful and supervised review, I was told by Wayne that there were not any documents.
    By chance, I returned unannounced days later. Wayne was not in the office and I asked to review the files again. Marie Stalworth gave me the files and inside was a “bonanza” of documents- Army Corp, WBRC, DEP, Resident letters, emails, on and on and on. I begged Marie to give me this one copy, knowing they would go missing if I left without them. This has been the evil for 3 years. Hiding, with holding, intimidating, absolute torture by the City Planner, City Manager, Code Officer, City Council, Mayor and City Attorney. Another unannounced visit rewarded me with the with held original plans to my neighborhood showing the stream is not natural at all, it is a man made ditch on private property. I could give hours of testimony to their corruption and destruction to Seaview Terrace.
    Please, please request the full documentation and records to this offsite drainage study. Joe Slocum and City Council refuse to respond and “will not speculate” if the study has been done. They in fact refuse to respond to me period. Meeting after meeting, they have taken the 5th since I went public on 11/1/11. Brenda Kielty of MFOIA just sends me back to Wayne Marshall. The City Attorney responds for them saying I have been given the documents and eluding that I am too stupid to read them and they will not respond to any more requests from me.They refuse to provide the final approved site conditions plans for snow removal. I did get Chief McFadden to confirm that the CASS site must remove plowed snow. This wiped us out in 2009 and 2011 along with the other sites. The City has no rights to be sending us ANY water- we are not a natural outlet. Feel free to request those site conditions from CASS, Annex, Tall Pines, Mid Coast Mental Health, Public Works, VOA, National Guard, MMP, Prays Homes…who knows where else they are ditching from- the City knows but won’t tell.
    Thanks Kenneth, I hope you and the public step up to the plate. I’ve taken hit after hit. Hoping for a DH in you all.

    Belfast Ordinance- WE ARE NOT A NATURAL OUTLET
    Sec. 62-192. – Permitted discharge of unpolluted water.permanent link to this piece of content
    Stormwater and all other unpolluted drainage may be discharged to such sewers as are specifically designated as storm sewers, or to a natural outlet approved by the city. Industrial cooling water or unpolluted process waters may be discharged, on approval of the city, to a storm sewer or natural outlet, if in accordance with regulations of the state department of environmental protection.

    (Ord. No. 45-1999, § 600.2, 2-1-2000)

  2. Wow, there are many stark differences between Blaine for US Congress: Proven Leadership and the other two candidates in the race. He offered lots of specifics as to both how he would look out for Mainers and what he would do to address the problems that our country faces.

    Mr. Richardson seems to be very much in touch with the challenges that face everyday Mainers.

    I appreciate that The Maine Wire did profiles of all 3 candidates so we can compare and contrast them.

  3. It is one thing to be angry about how things are going in this country but this guy is just a hothead. If you are going to start spouting off about things at least have some base knowledge of what the issues are. I watched him personally attack and berate city council members about the school budget that they have no control over. I appreciate his service to his country but he seems unwilling to grant the same gratitude to others that also serve their country and community in ways that he hasn’t. The cops, teachers, the guys that plow our streets and the others that do the important work at city hall are not our enemies and deserve some respect.

  4. I’ve stood with Blaine in front of the Augusta State House and we spoke from the heart of liberty and constitution. He has a great heart, is a powerful motivator, and a strong speaker. This man is not from money, has no corporate strings, and could care less about his image or the waves of media hatred and white-wash gathering against the ideas of freedom and sovereignty in which he promotes. We need hundreds more in our halls of Congress, like Blaine, who have intestinal fortitude, resolve, and conviction. I do not want saavy tongues, polished rehearsed words, and capitulation. Blaine is our ‘Cruz’ missile from Maine.


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