Spy Master Tipping's agents caught on camera

mike tipping
Spy master Mike Tipping

Mike Tipping, spy master and blogger for the progressive Maine People’s Alliance, has been touting the contents of a “secretly” recorded stump speech from Gov. Paul LePage at a meeting of the Informed Women’s Network.

Tipping has refused to publish the entire audio recording, electing instead to focus on the bits he believes are unflattering for LePage.

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The Maine Wire has obtained photos of his spies, whom we are told were recognized immediately as spies.

If you see either of these women, beware: they could be working to expose you or your organization on behalf of the Maine People’s Alliance. (Feel free to speculate as to their identities in the comment section below!)

Spy Number 1
Spy Number 1
Spy 2
Spy Number 2

For more information about the Maine People’s Alliance, check out the following:


  1. I don’t particularly like this practice, however, the fact is that all political parties do it. And, the fact is, these people have the right to attend and record public events.


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