Obama has proposed 442 tax hikes since taking office


obamaPresident Barack Obama has tried to raise taxes 442 times since taking office, according to a new report from American’s for Tax Reform.

“History tells us what Obama was able to do. This list reminds us of what Obama wanted to do,” said Grover Norquist, president of ATR.

The list of proposed tax increases, not including the 20 tax increases enacted under the Affordable Care Act, is as follows:

  • 79 tax increases for FY 2010
  • 52 tax increases for FY 2011
  • 47 tax increases for FY 2012
  • 34 tax increases for FY 2013
  • 137 tax increases for FY 2014
  • 93 tax increases for FY 2015

The full list of Obama’s proposed tax increases can be viewed here.

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