Raye campaign touts $82k raised in first quarter of 2014


kevin rayeFormer state Senate President Kevin Raye announced on Tuesday that his congressional campaign raised more than $82,000 in the first quarter of 2014, giving the Republican candidate more than $202,000 cash on hand.

Of the more than $285,000 Raye has raised so far in the campaign, more than $164,000 has come from residents of the 2nd Congressional District, the campaign said in a press release.

The press release rippled with subtle and not so subtle barbs aimed at his opponents, former state Treasurer Bruce Poliquin.

“Raye received contributions from 197 Second District residents between January and March, while his primary opponent Bruce Poliquin reported just 47 Second District donors,” the campaign said. “Thus far, just 12% of Poliquin’s contributions have come from district residents. Poliquin, who only recently claimed a residence in the 2nd District in order to run for Congress, is funding his campaign with his own personal fortune and donors from southern Maine and out-of-state.”

“Kevin faces an opponent who vastly outspent the winning candidates in both of his previous primaries. He continues to do so in this race, but history shows that candidates who spend vast amounts of money on primary campaigns in Maine do not fare well,” said Raye campaign hand Michael Leavitt.

“Kevin is right on track with the budget we set to win the Primary,” he said.


  1. I would look hard at Raye’s numbers. Just like his polling that was done at the beginning of the race. It was his own polling and the and it makes you wonder. $10 donations do not win races votes do!


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