2014 Gubernatorial Campaign

Michaud says connections with Saudi Princes, Japanese businessmen set him apart from Cutler


Democratic U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud addresses the Maine School Board Association on March 15

Democratic U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud 

U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud, a Democrat running for governor, said on a campaign tour of southern Maine that his connections with Saudi Arabian princes and Japanese businessmen set him apart from one of his opponents, independent Eliot Cutler.

While stumping for Democratic state legislative candidates in Kittery Point, York and Wells on Sunday, Michaud was asked what distinguishes him from Cutler. According to a reporter present for the tour, Michaud said he has met with Saudi Arabian princes about “projects” and has discussed tidal power with Japanese businessmen.

From SeacoastOnline.com:

At both forums, Michaud was asked the difference between himself and independent candidate Eliot Cutler.

Both times, Michaud answered similarly in that he is the experienced candidate, has a record working across the aisle and emphasized that the race he is running is focused on his vision for Maine.

“I’ve got experience the independent candidate doesn’t have,” Michaud said. The candidate also explained he has contacts that Cutler doesn’t have, explaining that he met with a Saudi Arabian prince about projects and Japanese businesses about Maine’s tidal power initiatives.

“We’ve got the technology, they’ve got the money,” Michaud said.

York resident Brian Andrews, who asked Michaud about the distinction between him and Cutler, said he didn’t think Michaud answered the question effectively.

“I don’t think I got a definitive answer,” said Andrews, who identified himself as a Republican in name only who won’t be voting for LePage. “I wish there was something to distinguish them. I wish one of them could say ‘one of us can’t do this.'”

Michaud’s claim that “they’ve got the money” doesn’t bear out in campaign finance reports, which show him leading both other candidates in money raised.

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