The Daily Catch 12/15/14: Cod, Lobsters and Google


Can’t Get Enough Cod Stories

If you haven’t heard enough about the state of cod in the Gulf of Maine (which is unlikely), the New York Times has a nice piece up summarizing the issue.  Basically, temperatures are up, cod stocks are down, and lobster catches are up.  Surprisingly, the article doesn’t mention the introduction of catch shares in the Gulf of Maine or explore any effect the new management system is having.

Also Lobsters

The lobster catch is down from the historical highs of the previous two years, although still strong.  The lower catch has resulted in slightly higher prices.

Well That Wasn’t Long

After Google announced that it would be ending Google News in Spain and removing any content from that country due to a new law, The Spanish Newspapers Publishers’ Association (AEDE) has called for legislation forcing Google News to continue operating in Spain.  It appears that Spanish newspapers don’t want Google News gone after all.  At this point, it’s unclear what legal authority Spain has to force Google to continue offering Google News in that country.




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