Daily Catch 12/17/14: Sony Hackers, Bush, and Medical Marijuana


Sony Hackers Threaten Theaters

The individuals behind the Sony hack, who up to this point have released tons of private data from the media giant, have now threatened a 9/11 style attack on theaters that show The Interview.  The movie mocks North Korea, whom many believe to be behind the attack.  In retaliation, humanitarians are planning to air drop copies of the DVD into North Korea.

A Roller Coaster Week for Medical Marijuana Advocates

It’s been a roller coaster of a week for medical marijuana advocates in Maine.  Many praised a largely unnoticed rider to the Cromnibus bill that they claimed legalized medical marijuana nationwide—even though it did not do that.  Instead, the intention of the rider rider was to prevent the Department of Justice from using its funds to interfere with states’ medical marijuana laws, and it’s unclear whether the rider’s language is strong enough to do that.  But that’s not all!  In Maine, the DHHS will soon be requiring medical marijuana providers to certify their patients online.  Marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

We Don’t Need No Education

Or maybe we do.  Portland’s School Board has approved a 20 minute increase in the school day, along with increased pay for teachers.  The changes were made with support from most union members.

Bush Running for President… Again?

Former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, is actively exploring a 2016 presidential campaign.  Jeb Bush is the brother of former president George W. Bush and the son of former president George H. W. Bush.  Bush will be releasing emails from his time as governor in a gesture of transparency.




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