The Daily Catch 12/22/14: Uber, Cards Against Humanity, and Blueberries


Portland Looks to Regulate Uber

In a desperate attempt to seem relevant, Portland officials are looking to regulate Uber, the start-up ride-sharing company.  The San Francisco based start-up began offering its services in Portland early in the Fall.  According to the Press Herald piece, it appears that city councilors are basing their call for regulations on a single customer complaint as well as frustrations from Portland’s taxi drivers who hate the new competition.  Opposition to Uber has been bitter, and relied less on facts and more on myth.  For a reminder of why taxi’s are not necessarily more reliable or safe than Uber, despite heavy regulation, check out this story.

Sony May Release The Interview

Good news for fans of Seth Rogen and/or free speech.  Sony is considering releasing The Interview on YouTube, despite threats from North Korean hackers.

Blueberries for (Uncle) Sam

Representative Chellie Pingree and Senator Angus King have asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to step in and purchase 18 million pounds of frozen blueberries.  The move could stabilize prices for the industry, which have dropped due to a high crop level.  This is not the first time this has happened.  The blueberries would go towards federal food programs, such as school lunches.

Game Company Buys Maine Island

In a Christmas campaign, the owners of the popular game Cards Against Humanity gave several customers one square foot of a Maine island.  The Chicago-based company gave away the property on their island, dubbed Hawaii 2, as part of a mystery package deal.  The owners gave the following explanation for their purchase of the $200,000 private island; “1) Because it was funny, and 2) so we could give you a small piece of it. Also, 3) we’re preserving a pristine bit of American wilderness.”



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