Poliquin: How ObamaCare Hurts Maine Companies And Sends Jobs To China


For years, hard-working Maine companies, such as Hardwood Products and Puritan Companies of Guilford, have been penalized by ObamaCare’s medical device tax.

As you may know, Hardwood Products and Puritan Companies in Guilford has been a family-run business for nearly one hundred years. More than four hundred hard-working Mainers produce 3.5 million popsicle sticks per day. The company also manufactures more tongue depressors and medical swabs than any other business in the Western Hemisphere.

It’s only competitor is located in China.

Due to ObamaCare’s Medical Device Tax, Hardwood Products and Puritan Companies must pay nearly $250,000 in extra fees. Because of these fees, they cannot invest in new equipment that would create innovative medical supplies and provide more good-paying jobs for Mainers.

Instead, Hardwood Products and Puritan Companies has to make an extra million and a half in sales just to survive.

ObamaCare’s penalizing Medical Device Tax is not only stifling medical innovation and jobs in Maine’s Second District, but in other districts across the country as well.

The tax gives China a clear competitive advantage.

Hard-working American businesses deserve a government that works FOR them, not AGAINST them.

It’s not right for this ObamaCare tax to help export our manufacturing jobs to China. It’s not right for this punitive tax to smother medical device innovation that helps Americans enjoy longer and healthier lives.

ObamaCare’s penalizing medical device tax is wrong and unlawful. I am proud to have voted in favor of repealing it.

Since being sworn in to Congress, I have supported several bills that will make health care more affordable for Maine families. I voted to restore the 40-hour work week, supported exempting our Veterans from ObamaCare’s employer mandate, voted to repeal ObamaCare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, protected volunteer firefighters and emergency responders from and cosponsored a bill to repeal ObamaCare’s individual mandate.

As Maine’s Second District Congressman, I will continue to repeal the parts of ObamaCare that hurt our seniors, families and businesses.


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