Poliquin: Obama Administration Fails To Lead On ISIS


For the past several months, the world has witnessed the seriousness of the threat that ISIS poses to our free way of life. This past weekend, we tragically saw the culmination of this in the savage and horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

Firstly, to the people of France, we stand united with you and all of France is on our hearts and in our prayers.

If history has taught us anything, it proves we must remain vigilant against such cowardly, terrorist attacks. America can lead, and we have the strength to do so, but currently lack the leadership.

This Administration has allowed for ISIS to grow unchecked. It is terrifyingly clear that President Obama’s strategy to combat this barbaric group has not been effective. We must combat and decimate this enemy.

Nations around the world have expressed a serious commitment to defeating them, and it’s time that America leads again.

I’m also extremely concerned with the Administration’s unilateral decision to accept thousands of refugees in its resettlement programs, particularly in light of these horrific terrorist attacks. The President’s radical refugee resettlement initiative leaves America significantly more vulnerable to a potential attack on our home soil.

This is especially concerning after learning the details of how a refugee, who arrived in Europe through resettlement, was among the terrorists who launched the appalling and cowardly attacks in Paris this past weekend.

Our national security should be a top priority in Congress. We need to make sure, for certain, that we are not admitting any individuals into our homeland who pose a threat to our communities and way of life.

That’s why I am joining with my colleagues in demanding that federal funds are not used to admit refugees from Syria into the United States until our national security agencies put in place effective processes to ensure that no suspected or potential terrorists are allowed to cross our borders.

Now, more than ever, our Nation needs a leader in the White House, and a Congress willing to act, who takes seriously the threats that our country faces. President Obama has demonstrated, once again, that he has failed his commitment to protect Americans at home and abroad in order to push his own open-borders agenda.

As I’ve said before, the World is safer when America is Strong: Our People know it, Our Allies know it, and most importantly, Our Enemies know it.

As Maine’s Second District Congressman, I am committed to ensuring that American families and communities are safe and that our national security is a priority for our government.


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